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Terms and Condition:

You’d like to Write For US and become a contributor then Just follow below simple guidelines:


  • All Post Must be contain minimun 800 Words in length except for Recipes.
  • Your content must be Original and not publish elsewhere. And also must be no plagiarism.
  • Make sure your content is informative and Easy to Read.
  • No to Pramotional Content:
  • We don’t want those posts that just making to plug product OR Drive SEO.


your content include images according your topics. All images must be your own Otherwise give credit to those. images are 650px to 430 px in Size.

I have full right to reject your article and remove links.

Please Email Us the following If you are ready to Post:::

  • Your Full Post with amazing Title
  • Images according subtopics with sources
  • your brief Bio with all social media links:

What We are Looking for?

We accept best content from guest authors/contribution at qfoodtravel.com. We are not compromize when it’s about quality of content. Please Don’t Pitch the Article or Information which we have already published. I am Accepting limited content which is related to below categories, So make Sure when we write about this site:

Food: In this Section, we are included content which is related to Different cuisine, various famous food from some places or any information about food tour and strange food all over the world.

Recipes: This Category contain all types of recipes(cake recipes, vegan recipes, Street food recipe and etc.) But make sure you have images of this recipe. Write perfect measurement of ingredients.

Health: as the name says all health content like mental care, nature remedies, fitness, gym, Physical Care, any disease, weight loss, natural healing, beauty and skin care.

Fun: Share your views, information or ideas about various cultural, all festivals which is celebrated each and every corner in world, any activities and adventurous.

Travel Tips: It covers all the information regarding travel(travel gifts and travel safety). It consider tips (like packing, accommodation) when you travel new places.

Travelling: Contribute your content related to any beautiful places (like beaches, deserts and incredible views) and Historical places around the world.

I have a Full Right to Reject your Article, If

  • Anything that looks like to spamming or fully advertisement and copy content will not get considered.
  • If you are copied some parts from some sources, then the source must be linked.
  • Have a Grammatical mistakes and poor vocabulary.

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