Tummy Troubles? Try These 5 Strategies To Alleviate Bloating And Discomfort

Why is it that we always shy away from talking about gas? After all, our bodies release it naturally about 20 times per day. The awkward fact is that from time to time, gas build-up occurs in the intestines, leading to discomfort and even unbearable pain.

This bloating can be caused by such things as excessive gum chewing, overeating, swallowing air during eating or drinking, and the consumption of certain foods. If you experience constipation or diarrhoea, the culprit behind these conditions is usually what causes gas build up too.

Here are some methods you can use to relieve bloating and discomfort:

 Changing Dietary Habits

Keeping a food journal is a great strategy. Whenever you suffer from bloating, you can go back and check which food caused the pain. If you notice that dairy products are a trigger, you can switch to something like A2 milk to get the goodness of regular milk without the stomach upset.

Sometimes your IBS or gas build up is solely due to dietary choices. Consuming spicy foods, carbonated beverages, beans, and highly fatty foods can result in bloating. If this happens a lot to you, perhaps it’s time to choose recipes that involve less oily, fatty, and gassy foods.

Clove is another great solution because it has all the required dietary enzymes to help alleviate the feeling of being bloated. You can mix a couple of drops of clove oil in with a bottle of water and consume the solution daily.

Chamomile Or Peppermint Tea

Tea can do wonders to naturally relieve gas related stress. The reason why chamomile tea works is because it has properties which aid in digestion and activate the release of trapped gases. It’s ideal to sip on a cup of chamomile tea right before bed time. It may also work more effectively if you drink the tea prior to every meal.

As for peppermint tea, it’s quite popular for its ability to alleviate irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). However, there could be complications with taking peppermint tea along with supplements, so always check in with a doctor first.

 Activated Charcoal

This has been cited as a remedy for almost everything. Activated charcoal is a supplement that can be purchased from your local pharmacy. It works to expel trapped gas from the colon. Ideally this remedy should be consumed prior to meals and a few hours after them as well.

Be More Active

It has been proven that the more active you are, the less bloated you’ll feel. Go for regular walks, stick to a fitness routine you enjoy, and drink lots of water.

Take Your Time

Rushing through a meal is never an option. Taking in too much air while eating and drinking can bring on the feeling of being bloated. Similarly, stress eating often leads to bloating as it causes you to take in more air. Chewing gum is also a reason for taking in too much air, so you may want to try eliminating it to see if the discomfort eases up.

If simple things like drinking through a straw, chewing too much gum, and having your dentures poorly fitted can cause bloating, then you should expect gas to build up from time to time.

Taking a new approach to eating, chewing gum less (and your food more), being more active, and eliminating carbonated drinks from your diet will surely work wonders. If bloating is somewhat chronic, the doctor will prescribe over the counter medication that you can take to find relief. 

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