Top Home Security Systems for Constant Travelers

Top Home Security Systems

After months when traveling wasn’t possible because of a global pandemic, many travelers are now packing their suitcases and hitting the road again. Traveling can be a great adventure that gives you the freedom to open your mind to new culinary and cultural experiences. But to truly enjoy your adventure, there is a lot of preparation involved like packing, setting your itinerary, top home security systems and even getting your home ready for your time away. 

That’s right, if you are going to be away from home for more than a week, you’ll want to think about taking steps to get your home ready. The size and location of your home will determine how much work is involved in preparing it for your time away. You’ll definitely want to clean your house, take out the trash, stop your mail and newspaper, and have a system in place for watering any pants. But to take it to the next level —  and especially if you have a lot of valuables in your home — you might want to consider home security systems. Home security systems come with a range of features, and at different price points, and there are some that are better geared towards frequent travelers for their ease of use and remote features.

Make your home smart

If you’ve ever used Alexa from Amazon then you are probably already familiar with “smart home” devices. With a smart home device, you can control many features of your home like lights, music, and even an irrigation system for your plants from a device or with your voice. But when it comes to home security, you can also connect your smart home device with a security system to monitor your home while you are away. 

Adobe makes it easy to integrate the smart home devices you already have into a security monitoring system. Its smart home integrations let you add in third-party devices, and there is no charge to self-monitor the system. But while the service is designed to be a bit DIY, it also has a professional self-monitoring option for those days when you’ll be truly off-the-grid.

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Keep your options open

For those travelers who enjoy the freedom of being in faraway places many time zones away from home, knowing that there is the option to modify home security as needed can offer some necessary flexibility. Picking a security system that has options be ideal especially for those people who are thinking of selling a home in the future, or are renting.

Link Interactive is known for its friendly customer service and flexibility. The service will help customers connect various monitoring systems — both indoors and outdoors — and their support staff will answer a wide array of installation questions. It also has flexible contracts to set up the service just when needed. 

Talk to real people behind the scenes

When picking a home security system, you want a system that fits your travel style. If you’re the type of traveler who could be gone for weeks or months at a time, then you may want to consider a service where you have an actual person behind the scenes. With this type of home security service, an actual person can contact you and send out support on your behalf if you aren’t available when a trigger goes off. They can also see if the alarm is triggered by an actual incident or just a false alarm. 

Brinks home security has monitoring centers that will contact you by text, phone, or email according to your preference, so you can be sure to receive messages even if you are traveling internationally. They will also let you select someone else (like a housesitter or neighbor) to be your point of contact while you are away, and can integrate with smart home support.

Setup and go

If you’re ready to get up and go, then picking a security system with an easy setup can be an ideal option. Especially if you are renting, you may not necessarily want a system with an involved installation process, or a contract that you can’t get out of. 

Simplisafe makes it easy for you to set up a home security system online by ordering it according to your needs for the size of your home and what you need to monitor. There are also  different levels of monitoring — from self-monitoring with mobile-app control to a professional monitoring system. Integration with some smart home systems like Alexa and Google means that you can even get your system going using the smart home device you already have.

The freedom of setting off on an adventure can be exciting and to help you enjoy your time away, even more, you can set up a home security system to really give you peace of mind. There are as many choices for home security systems as there are travel styles. With a little advanced research, you can find the one that’s right for you so you can come back to your home just how you left it after your trip. 

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