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Top 10 Gifts for Sister on Rakhi

India is a land with rich cultural heritage. In this country, every occasion and relation is celebrated with great respect and elegance. One such festival of India which holds immense importance in almost all parts of the country is the festival of RakshaBandhan, commonly known as Rakhi. This day is celebrated to uphold the sacred bonding between a brother and a sister. The sister ties a scared thread or the Rakhi on the wrist of her brother for the long life and well-being of her brother. So if you are the brother of a sweet sister who ties Rakhi on your wrist every year, then you too should do something special for her. Here is a list of 10 gifts which you can consider gifting to your sister to make this festival a grand one.


In case you have no idea what your sister will love, then you can make a little effort to find out about her favorite flower and gift a bouquet of the same to her. This will instantly cheer her up. If your sister is in Indore at present, you can send flowers to Indore through expert delivery services.

Go To An Adventurous With Your Sister

If your sister loves travelling and adventure, then you can make this Rakhi more special by taking her to a place full of adventure. Both of you can explore new place and have wonderful experience. So, search for an adventurous island or park.


There is hardly any girl who is not fond of jewelries. Your sister, too, will not be an exception. You can browse through the collections of wonderful jewelleries of gold, diamond and silver and gift to your sister on Rakhi.

A Road Trip

In the recent times, everyone is occupied with a lot of work. So most of the time it is not possible to take an off and go for outing. So in order to add more to the adventurous nature of your sister, you can arrange for a road trip and return on the same day.

Personalized Gifts

In case you are looking for something out of the box, then you can gift something to your sister which shall be meant exclusively for her. Think of presenting her with personalized gifts such as coffee mugs, pens, photo frames, key chains with her name and photo in them. You can also include your message for your sister in it and gift to your sister.

Make A Movie Plan

Coming back to the sister who is simply crazy about adventure, you can search and book for an adventurous movie. In every occasion, few movies release and some of them are definitely adventurous. Your sister will simply love that.

Arrange For An Outing In An Adventurous Place

There are many places like parks with many adventurous rides and can take you to a trip in the past such as in the age of dinosaur or prehistory or various scientific inventions. A visit to such a place can make your sister elated and she can learn numerous facts from it as well. Specially, the rides can give her thrilling experiences.

Soft Toys

Sisters never really grow up for their brothers. For you, your younger sister remains the same little sweetheart from your childhood days no matter of what age you are at present. You can gift her soft toys to relive your younger days once again. Whenever she will look at these toys, she will remember you.


If you want to gift something really useful to your sister, then nothing can be better than a bag. There are numerous types of bags such as sling bags, handbags or simply purses which shall make it more delightful for her. Also, another best thing about the bags is that these are available in many price ranges.

Fashion Accessories

If your sister is an admirer of the latest fashion trends in the market, then nothing can be a best gift for her than the fashion accessories such as scarves, sunglasses, make-up box consisting of her favorite shades of eyeliner, lipsticks and nail polish. You never know how it will become her favourite gift!

With so many ideas about the return gifts which you can give to your sister on Rakhi, you shall no longer be confused about what to gift to her in this occasion.This year, Rakhi is still three to four months away so start thinking of the gift today only to make this Rakhi a memorable one for both of you. Make this Rakhi so much fun and adventurous for your sister that she never complains about her return gift again. Have a wonderful time with your sister!

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