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Spectacular Things To Do In Goa Apart From Visiting Beaches And Bars

Undoubtedly, Goa is one of the most popular places tourists love flocking to, in India. What people fail to understand or see is Goa goes beyond just beaches and bars. There are tons of cultural and traditional things to do in Goa’s less-advertised sites. So visit Goa this vacation, but don’t stick to enjoying just the beaches. Following are a few of the many awesome things you can do in Goa. Since summer is already here, you should be looking for flight tickets to India. Let Indian Eagle help you by offering some amazing discounts on your tickets so that you get the chance of spending loads on your shopping. So have a look at these amazing things you can do in Goa.

Traverse through Old Goa

Dating as far back as the 15th century, the abandoned city of Old Goa was founded by the Bijapur Sultanate rulers. When the Portuguese captured it in 1510, they made it their headquarters and the place truly flourished. They built several churches and convents that were recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 1980’s. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, and the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi are a few of many such stunning attractions you can explore in Old Goa.

Explore the Reis Magos Fort

The oldest fort in Goa, the Reis Magos Fort is where Yusuf Adil Shah, the Sultan of Bijapur built a military outpost in 1493. But despite its strategic location, it could not stop the Portuguese invasion. In 1551, it was revamped by the Portuguese to defend their capital at Old Goa. The fort also served as a prison in the 1900’s with a huge number of freedom fighters being imprisoned here. It was abandoned entirely by the year 1993. With this much incredible history behind it and more, how can one not want to visit the Reis Magos Fort?

Gorge on Goan Cuisine

Other than the beaches, bars and architecture, Goa is most famous for its food as well. When you think of Goan Cuisine, no doubt the quintessential fish curry and white rice come to mind. But Goan Cuisine is more than just that. Hardcore meat-lovers can expect to enjoy a myriad of diverse non-vegetarian dishes influenced by Hindu, Muslim, and Portuguese cultures and lifestyles. Some of the best mouth-watering dishes which are a ‘must-try’ include Xacuti, Cafreal, Recheado, Sorpotel, Ambot tik, Goan Chourico and Goan Pao.

Enjoy live Jazz

Music is an undeniable part of Goan life and Jazz is one of the most loved forms in Goa. In fact, the association of Goa with Jazz goes all the way back to the Portuguese rule. This is the time when many Goans learned this form of music, formed bands, performed live gigs, and influenced Bollywood music as well. Come visit the Gonsalves Mansion in Panjim that is considered to be the ‘Home of Jazz’ in Goa.

Be part of a Goan Festival

There are tons of vibrant festivals you can be a part of in Goa. For instance, the Sao-Joao festival where men attempt to retrieve feni bottles (local alcohol) from overflowing village wells. Other famous festivals include the feasts of Saint Paul and Peter, the Bonderam Flag Festival, Shigmo Festival and the incredibly popular Goa Carnival among others. Enjoy all these cultural activities for an offbeat experience in Goa. You can avail the best flight deals to USA from India with India Eagle for your return trip.

So this was a gist that I could give you about the crazy things to do in Goa. Do not forget to let us know in the comment section below about everything that you want to tell us related to Goa and the fun happening there. Do not forget to like and share this article to all those people who think Goa is all about drinks, beach and parties. Go visit Goa and have lots of fun in a different way. Adios!



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