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Things to do Before Visiting Disneyland

A trip to Disneyland is not only excitement for the kids but the adults as well. Seeing your childhood cartoon characters strolling around you is a dream come true. As fun it may seem, planning for a Disneyland trip is not an easy task. You have to weight every aspect, especially if you are not from Paris.

Things to be taken care of leaving for Disneyland:


Backpacking is indeed an important task to do but make sure you pack the necessary products before flying to Disneyland. Disneyland is a vast area, and you have to walk all day. If you carry too much, then it might be tough for you to carry them around. Make a list of all the necessary things such as food, water, clothes etc and pack them according to your need.


Staying in Disneyland may be a plan that you have to plan far ahead. You have two options for your stay in Disneyland. You can book a room at the onsite hotels in Disneyland. While they offer ample of amenities, a one-night stay in those luxury hotels can cost you a massive amount of money. If you want to keep everything under budget then you might give a thought for an offsite hotel. A decent offsite hotel can provide you with the same friendly services as of Disneyland, but at a cost significantly lower than Disneyland hotels.

Dress Code:

Disneyland authorities have the rights to deny entry of a person if their attire does not meet the necessary criteria. Usage of any makeup, tattoo or dress code that has a chance of scaring or shocking a person will be considered as inappropriate. Besides, visitors are not allowed to wear any accessories such as mask, capes etc. that may result in obstructing security. It is recommended to wear top to bottom outfits along with footwear. Also, if you are planning for late night shows then don’t forget to bring jackets for everyone in your family as it gets really cold at night.

Airport Pick-up Services

If you are from outside of Paris, then make sure you book a Disneyland Paris Shuttle service or a cab service beforehand. You can also book a cheap taxi to Disneyland Paris online. If you are new to a city as large as Paris is, it is quite usual to feel overwhelmed and confused. A professional pick-up service will receive you at the airport and safely drop you and your family at the destination.

Learn about FASTPASSES

The waiting period at Disneyland is a tough task. Fortunately, with the possession of FASTPASSES, you can skip the waiting period for your ride. You can visit the official website to learn about those FASTPASSES and how to get them.

Paris Eagle Cab is a pick-up service from Paris to Disneyland. They have all sort of luxury vehicles including shuttle service, to provide a memorable journey to the customers. Moreover, they hire professional drivers who will also carry your luggage from the airport without any additional charge.

Airport transfers in Disneyland Paris are some of the best alternatives for travelers. Lastly here are a few tips on maximizing airport transfers.


It is crucial to offer as much information as possible when booking Paris airport transfers. Some of the information to consider including are a minimum, dates, times, number of passengers, collection and drop off addresses. You can also include the contact number, Terminal information, flight numbers and any special instructions.

Check your Dates:

One of the most confusing instances about dates is found with newcomers or visitors who are coming from areas of different time zone. It is possible that you could give your take off date as the arrival date when you arrive due to the time difference.

Use a Meet and Greet Service:

Arriving at the terminal early means you will not get rushed. You can also get some time to use the loo before the journey begins or that you won’t forget any luggage.

Turn on your Phone:

The Paris airport transfer company can call you on your number or send a text message to let you know the driver and car details. This is important in crowded places where you could easily fail to arrive as early as expected because of traffic or where there are issues not expected between you and the driver or the company.

Above all do not be afraid to ask for directions and even ask for help when needed.

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