The Need for First Aid and CPR Certification

First aid and CPR training aren’t just for health care professionals. Here’s how it can come in handy during emergency medical situations.

People in all different types of professions are required to have first aid and CPR certification online and many others simply opt to have the training. In the event of an emergency, you could be an invaluable resource if you have completed the training. Neither CPR nor first aid is particularly difficult, but it is important to have the proper training so that, when administered, you provide the proper care as to not worsen someone’s condition.

What Is First Aid?

First aid is emergency assistance given until proper medical attention can be given. Someone administering first aid would be caring for another’s injuries.

What Is CPR?

CPR is a method of increasing the flow of blood and oxygen in the body in order to prevent tissue death and brain damage. CPR has two major components: chest compressions and artificial respiration. Chest compressions are the action taken when a person uses the hands to push down on the chest to pump blood to the heart. Artificial respiration is blowing air into the lungs to try to restart breathing.

Why Are First Aid and CPR Important?

First aid, as implied by its name, is the first course of action and generally is administered after an accident such as a car accident or a fall. First aid may stop someone’s bleeding or prevent the spread of disease. In the event of a true emergency, someone who can help tend to the sick or injured is a great asset as they could potentially save someone’s life.

Cardiac arrest is actually a common reason people need to go to the hospital. Many cardiac arrests happen in the home. Knowing CPR and first aid could help you save someone. Although calling an ambulance is important, if you know how to perform CPR, you could jumpstart the process and be the difference between life and death. Likewise, sometimes emergency services take longer than they should get to your house. You could be the only chance for someone’s survival.

Training Courses

Although they are often offered together, first aid and CPR training and certification are two different things. First aid training will take just a few hours and will teach you how to handle a variety of injuries. First aid training is neither long nor difficult, but it does focus on proper technique to keep calm and keep you and the person you are helping safely.

CPR training courses take a little longer, but still generally less than one day. In a CPR class, you will learn how to properly give chest compressions and respiration. You will learn when CPR may be necessary and when it may not be. You will also be taught how to give CPR on an adult versus a child. Finally, you will learn how to keep yourself safe and the person you are helping through proper technique and safety precautions.

Obtaining Certification

First aid and CPR courses are offered throughout the country on a continuous basis. They can be found through a simple internet search or by asking your local hospital. It is also possible to receive first aid and CPR certification online.Upon completion of the training course, there may be a test required to receive your certification. This could be a paper test or a simulation. Depending on where you complete your course, your certification may be given to you on the same day or sent to you at a later date.

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