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5 Insanely Tasty Local Drinks to Try While You’re in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country with a unique culture and amazing cuisine.

If you ever find yourself there, I know you are going to feast on the local dishes that are appreciated worldwide. It’s one of the spiciest and the most tantalizing cuisines around the world.

But besides their spicy-hot food, the country happens to have some unique local drinks that you really shouldn’t miss out! They are delicious and some of them are only found there.

I still reminisce about the food and drinks I had there.

But anyway, here are five drinks that I think you must try if you ever find yourself in Thailand!

Thai Orange Juice

Orange juice is a ubiquitous drink all around the globe. But the ones found there has a unique taste; so unique that Thai orange juice is famous in many other nations.

It’s so famous that it had its own social media fiasco in 2016! Can you believe that? Orange juice was making headlines!

But there’s no sorcery involved in its fame. It just happens to have a blend of sweet and salty taste that Thai juice makers nail.

It’s a fantastic refresher given the tropical weather of Thailand. And it’s also very healthy! Local folks serve it with no artificial sweetener or coloring so that you can gulp it down to your heart’s content. Without any guilt.

Don’t mistake it for any other orange juice you may find in your hometown. I almost made that mistake, and I’d have regretted it if I didn’t give it a go.

You can get it with or without pulp. But I would recommend trying the one with pulp because it has a unique taste and texture that’ll make it even more interesting!

Or if you’d like to have a go in making the famous thai orange juice at home, check out our best juicing guide for fruits.

Cha Yen

Also known as Thai Iced tea, Cha yen is made up of milk, sugar and of course, tea. Cha yen is a caffeine based drink that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. I think it’s unique because the combination of milk with Iced tea is something unusual for me.

It is made using Ceylon tea, also known as Sri Lankan Tea. And the flavor comes from Illicium verum, also known as star anise. But different places may experiment with other flavors and taste with it. Like orange blossom water, crushed tamarind and other spices.

It’s a sweet and creamy drink. Folks there make it with condensed milk. They pour coconut or whole milk over the tea and then serve it with ice.

It’s a sweet and refreshing drink that’ll make wandering in Thailand easier during the day. Well, you can have it any time of the day because it’s delicious.

Nom Yen

Nom Yen is a colorful one!

It’s a drink that’ll wake up your inner child. And although it’s a drink meant mostly for kids and teens, adults can join in on the fun too.

Thais make this delicious drink with nothing but some milk, syrup and some ice. And it works! Such ingenuity and such a delightful drink.

You can drink it during the day in sweltering heat or at night. It doesn’t matter; you’ll never get bored of this playful and cheery drink.

I embraced the kid in me while drinking this and I fell in love with this one! Now, I make it even at home, all for myself. I can’t help it because it’s so good!


Oliang is a coffee-based drink that one will fall in love with! I see all the reasons why.

The name comes from the Teochew dialect where “O” means black and “Liang” means cold. Because, you know, it’s a black cold drink.

It’s black coffee, served with ice, and they serve it in a beer mug sometimes with a straw. What an interesting sight! Folks there add grains and spices which make it all the more interesting. Some of the grain options include cardamom, sesame seeds, soybeans and corn.

It’s a grown-up drink that will freshen you up any time of the day. And it goes amazing with any local dish. If you are a coffee lover, this should pique your interest. You really shouldn’t miss this one out if you are a caffeine enthusiast!


Thailand makes some of the best beers in the world. And brands like Chang and Singha have made worldwide recognition among all the beer fans! And if you consider yourself one too, then don’t miss this out on your trip.

Thai beer goes well with any local delicacy. I mean, come on, it’s beer!

I like Chang beer more than I shall be willing to admit and it is available even in convenience stores. Trust me, that didn’t help.

Well, if you want to jive and have a good time with your friends and family, then these beer brands should be on your table. They are inexpensive and beat out a lot of beer brands I love back in my hometown.

Don’t miss these out! That is if you are of legal drinking age.

Final Words

So, there they are! All the local drinks that no one should miss out on in Thailand.

These five options are insanely tasty and will make your trip all the more awesome!

Enjoy the tropical weather and make sure you have one of these all the time with you. These will only make the experience better!

With this I hope, you also fall in love with these delicious drinks as I did. Have a memorable trip and don’t forget to add these to your bucket list food menu!

Happy traveling!

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