Some Foods that can Give you Wrinkles

In today’s world where people are overly conscious of fashion and glamour, wrinkles are unacceptable and a must no. Aging process triggers the increase of folds on the dermal surface causing wrinkles. There are so many foods that can give you wrinkles to avoid it. Glycation is another major factor involving skin wrinkles. The formation of AGEP (Advanced Glycation End Product) from protein-sugar molecular binding ruptures the collagen network in the skin and deteriorates the skin texture causing creases and wrinkles. Wrinkle formation is further catalyzed by oxidative foods.

So, consumption of foods high in antioxidants is essential for a smooth and unwrinkled skin. Antioxidants reduce the fast decaying of food nutrients and buoy the immune system with increased cell-building metabolism.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of foods causing wrinkles on your skin.


Refined sugar is the main cause of wrinkled folds in your skin. Artificial sweeteners and dopamine secreting caffeine products should be avoided. Any sugar containing dish is a potential cause of your wrinkled skin. So beware of sugar, and replenish your diet with antioxidants. Fast foods contain sufficient amount of sugar to break down the collagen and elastin layer and make the epidermal layer soft, brittle and flexible. Prolonged intake will loosen the grip farther, and the skin layer eventually wrinkles.


Potato, grains and other starch products contain modified glucose and fructose which stimulate glycation synthesis and disintegrates the tightened collagen texture of your skin by adhering to the wrinkle-fighting collagen layer. This lessens the grip of the skin surface and the skin sags.

Processed Meat

Unchecked consumption of red meat, overly cooked meat or processed meat can lead to oxidant stress and inflammation, which are linked to the aging of the skin tissue. Having entered the bloodstream they affect insulin balance and cause inflammation resulting in cell death. This can  ameliorate with a high intake of antioxidants. Processed meats, such as sausage, bacon, or canned meats, are high in sodium and other preservatives, which can increase skin-damaging inflammation.


Alcohol consumption is detrimental to your skin health. Rather, have a sip of green tea containing reverse-aging antioxidant EGCG. It’s a low-calorie beverage and has 70-80% antioxidants. This can fight inflammation and improve skin’s elasticity. I tried many things from herpes, but nothing helped. My friend advised me to see information about the drug Valtrex on The tablets are large in size, but swallowing them is quite simple, thanks to a special coating. On the second day, the rash ceased to hurt and decreased slightly. Four days later, it was all over. This is the value of Valtrex, that it acts perfectly in the initial stage, preventing herpes from spreading. Alcohol affects the Vitamin A content in the body, which plays a vital role in the formation of collagen and regeneration of cells. Dehydration effect and loss of Vitamin A content make the skin lines more prominent. Dehydration dries your skin and the flaccid skin crumbles to mark yet another wrinkle on your skin.

Pasteurized Dairy

Creams, cheese, butter contains omega-6 fatty acids and sugar which quicken the glycation process and cause wrinkles. Butter alternatives like margarine are often made with partially-hydrogenated oils. So why not go for antioxidant-rich foods like skimmed milk, yogurt? From the next time, stay away from the margarine layer on your favorite pizza. Better take some antioxidant high dark chocolate, blueberries and strawberries.

Tran’s Fats

Hydrogenated fat content accelerates glycation and irregulates your dermal functions. This fat blocks the deep-seated arteries thereby loosening the collagen bond structure, resulting in yet another fold in your skin. This severely disrupts the DNA bonds in collagen, increases oxidation stress and forms wrinkles, acne and fine lines on the skin surface. Foods like French fries cause more cellular damage than their mouth-watering tastes. Refuel your diet chart with a variety of brightly colored antioxidant-rich foods that contain carotenoids like tomatoes, carrots, and pumpkin.


Coffee dehydrates your body and inhibits the formation of elastin, thereby increasing the ageing process. Caffeine reduces your sleeping time and your skin cells don’t get sufficient time to regenerate. So next time, while coding, take a glass of pomegranate juice or honeysuckle iced tea rejecting coffee or redbull.

Focus on the intake of foods high in antioxidants and regenerative nutrients to maintain a healthy and perfect wrinkle-free spotless glossy skin.

Along with a healthy diet prolonged exposure to sun should to be avoid too, as ultraviolet rays of sun damage the skin lining with painful burning sensation. UV rays snap the covalent bonds in the collagen fiber network causing wrinkles, black spots, pimples and rosacea outbreaks.

The aging process is natural and spontaneous. But antioxidant consumption will definitely slow the rate.

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