Some chronic diseases that can be cured with the help of Yoga

Some chronic diseases that can be cured with the help of Yoga

Yoga has different definitions for different people. For some people yoga is just a way to stay fit and healthy, for some, it is a set of different poses or maybe just another way of exercising. Whereas some people feel that to achieve calmness and discipline in life, yoga is the best way. But then there are these people also, who were once suffering from some or the other chronic diseases. But with the help of yoga, they are now living a happy and healthy life. Because yoga has helped them in healing from these chronic diseases.


Looking at this fact, that yoga can heal people in different ways, be it mentally or be it physically, many yoga schools have opened. Even people are also taking the yoga teacher training in India so that they can become a yoga instructor. Some people are taking this training just for the sake of learning different yoga poses.


When we talk about the benefits of yoga, we all know that be it the physical health or be it mental health, yoga has contributed a lot in improving our lives. There is something very special in yoga, and that is why people are investing time in learning yoga and practicing it. Just like there is a 300 hours yoga teacher training going in India, and many people have enrolled themselves for learning yoga. Now, talking about chronic diseases, like cancer, arthritis, and many heart-related diseases, yoga has helped in healing from all of them. Let’s see how:

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Arthritis – We all have heard that yoga can help in curing arthritis, but many of us are not aware of the fact that how it can be done. Arthritis is one such problem, in which one faces too much pain and inflammation in the joints. The joints become stiff, and it also creates a problem in the movement, which results in too much pain. But with the help of practicing yoga on a regular basis, arthritis can be cured. There are many yoga poses, which helps in reducing the inflammation in your joints and your body. These yoga poses help in making your joints function in a better way with regular practice. They help in removing the stiffness from your joints by making you practice yoga poses that can help in the movement of your joints. This will not just improve the movement of your joints. But there are some yoga poses, that also deals with reducing the chronic pain from your body. So, the person suffering from arthritis will start feeling in some days that the pain has become less, and the stiffness is also going. But make sure, you take help of any yoga instructor when you practice these yoga asanas for arthritis.

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Inflammation – We have just discussed inflammation above only. Because in arthritis also, the inflammation occurs in the joints. So, here we are talking about chronic inflammation. People who are dealing with this kind of inflammation, they feel pain in their body continuously. Their body starts looking swollen with the continuous body ache. One may find it difficult to run, to climb stairs, to bend, and many such other physical activities which we perform in our day to day life. This inflammation mostly occurs in the joints and the bones, especially in your hands and legs. So, to get rid of this chronic inflammation, the best way is to practice yoga. We know that it can be cured by medicines also. But would you like to eat medicines throughout your life for this problem? Or would you like to just practice some yoga asanas to get rid of this disease? Most of us will prefer to go with yoga only, as it will help in keeping us healthy also.

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Migraine – There are many people in the world who are suffering from the problem of migraine. Migraine generally occurs when the flow of blood or oxygen reduces in the brain. And this result in a major headache. People who take too much stress, they also suffer from the problem of migraine. It can continue for years and may be life-long. But yoga has a solution and cure for this chronic disease also. You can practice yoga poses, that helps in improving the circulation of blood and oxygen in your body. With the continuous practice of these yoga poses, the problem of migraine can be handled. One can also practice some yoga poses, that helps in reducing the stress, as that will also work for migraine.

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Asthma – Every year lakhs of people come with the problem of Asthma. With the pollution in the environment, this problem is increasing more and more. And it is becoming very difficult for the people who are suffering from Asthma to deal with this. An asthma attack can also kill a person. So, that is why we suggest you practice yoga poses that help in improving the breathing. There are numerous yoga asanas that can help in making you breathe deeply and can open up your lungs also for proper breath. If you know any yoga instructor who has taken yoga teacher training in India and is well aware of different yoga poses, take help from them in learning these yoga poses and practicing them.


Heart Diseases – When we say heart diseases, then there is not just one heart-related problem, but there are many. Like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and even the problem of heart attack or heart arrest. The increase in pulses can also be a problem for people. So, to tackle all these problems, the best way is to practice yoga, as much as you can. Once you will start practicing yoga, you will find that most of these heart-related risks can be eliminated with the help of yoga.


There are some other diseases also like cancer, indigestion, depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and many others, which can be cured with the help of yoga. Just because we have suggested you practice these yoga poses, so do not just start doing them all by yourself. Make sure, you check with your doctor or physician first and take help from a yoga instructor.

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