Smile Stealers – 6 Surprising Foods That Leave Stubborn Stains on Your Teeth

We can brush every day with whitening toothpaste, but there’s always going to be food that blocks our progress at every turn. Many everyday foods have the surprising ability to be able to stain your teeth to the point where you may require a trip to a cosmetic dentist. So, what foods are to blame? Some of the worst teeth-staining culprits may surprise you. 

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Even the best teeth whitening measures aren’t enough to limit staining from this problematic beverage. Tea, even though it’s the most consumed drink in the world, is also one of the worst for causing dental discoloration. 

Tea contains a plant-based compound known as tannin, which makes it easier for stains to stick to your teeth enamel. Black tea, in particular, can leave you in need of a whitening treatment from your dentist. 

Red Wine

It’s devastating enough when you tip a glass of red wine on your carpet or table cloth. However, did you know that you don’t even need to tip it over for it to cause staining? Like tea, red wine contains tannins. These compounds can make it easier for that wine to create stains that only a cosmetic dentist can remove effectively. 


You can’t have the good without the bad, and berries are proof of this. Berries like cranberries, blueberries, and raspberries offer some incredible health benefits because they are rich in antioxidants. However, they are also full of chromogens, which is a compound often used for dye. 

Whether you drink them in a juice, eat them whole, or make them into jam, berries can contribute to the kind of teeth staining that requires professional teeth whitening to remove. 

Dark Sauces

Curries, tomato sauce, and soy sauce are all delicious. However, they are also your pearly whites’ worst nightmare. These food types have dark pigments that can cause yellowing. While an occasional curry from time to time won’t do you any harm, it’s best to brush your teeth after such a meal to limit its effect on your oral health. 


Beets are delicious in salads, burgers, and just as a snack, but they definitely fit into the tooth-staining category. Their deep purple-red hue can discolor your tooth enamel if you eat them too often. The same rule applies to beet juice. Drink enough of it, and you not only have to contend with yellowing teeth but potential damage from the acid in the beet. 

When you eat beets, remember to brush your teeth afterward. By doing so, you may be able to limit the staining that takes place.   


Many people can’t live without their morning cup of coffee, but what if it were leaving stubborn stains on your teeth? If the health of your smile matters to you, it may even be time to forgo the jittery brew. Because coffee is a dark liquid, it can lead to yellow and brown stains on your teeth. 

On top of this, coffee is an acidic substance, which means it can also be causing real damage to your teeth at the same time. Consider brushing your teeth after drinking coffee, or replacing it with water. Morning sunshine, exercise, and cold showers can all contribute to replacing your caffeine high.    

You would be surprised at how many everyday foods can affect the shade of your teeth; from beverages like coffee and tea to healthy foods like berries and beets. While limiting these foods and drinks can make a difference, so too can your local cosmetic dentist. If your teeth are already stained, then a quick teeth whitening service might be right for you.

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