Skin and Hair Care Routine for This Winter

We all get very much conscious when it comes to our looks. This includes skin and hair. These two assets play an important part in an individual’s life. Hair defines a person’s perception towards life while skin speaks volumes about the personality. There are many more aspects which define a person’s looks. Some of them include traits, habits, way a person walks and talks. Different weather conditions have different effects on our hair and skin. Winter a highly anticipated time when we all seek out relaxation from the scorching sun. But winter does come with its own penalties as well. It tags along the drying effect. Our hair gets dried up and skin gets dehydrated. It is very much important to take precautions in order to play a healthy and a fair game with winter.

We all know that air conditioning has a drying effect on us. The more cold the air is, the more it dries up things. This affects our health, hair and skin. Skin shows early effects of aging and hair gets rough. So it becomes important to treat our body and hair. There are different types of skin and hair. Skin types include, dry skin, oily skin, rough skin, smooth skin, dull skin and pimple prone skin. Hair types include dry hair, dandruff prone hair, rough hair and smooth hair.

It depends from person to person and also depends on climatic conditions such as breeze, summers and winters. Ice bites and numbness is another unwanted gift from winters. As winter sets, we all bundle up ourselves in layers of thick clothing to stay protected. But it is crucial to protect the exposed parts of our body like skin and hair. Warm indoors and icy cold outdoors affects our hair in the worst way. Hair problems like dandruff and roughness as the most common problems in winters.

Treatment of Skin

Skin also gets affected in winters. People with oily skin and dry skin are badly affected. Oily skin gets ruined in winters. Problems like pimples, blackheads and whiteheads are the most common. Dry skin gets dried up and shows early signs of aging and wrinkles as well. Winters comes with bliss and has its own bundle of problems. Therefore it becomes very much important to have a well planned routine for hair and skin in winter. Planning is important but more important is to implement the plans.

Treatment of Oily Skin

Oily skin demands a critical treatment as it is prone to pimples, dark spots and other problems. Non oily products with natural extracts such as lemon extracts, tea tree extracts and rose extracts are helpful in treating oily skin in winters. As oily skin is propone to pimples and blackheads so one needs to use anti acne items. Creams such as Acnestar, Neutrogena body moisturizer, Himalaya face wash and face cream, Nivea skin cream and post shower body moisturizer, Garnier exfoliating face scrubs and other related products are really helpful in treating oily skin.

Apart from creams, there are different types of lotions and face packs available as well. Natural and homemade face packs are much beneficial. They can be made at home and the ingredients used are readily available. Cucumber face pack, papaya face pack, bleaching clay or filler’s earth are very much helpful in removing the excess oil from outer and inner layers of the skin. This results in leaving behind a fresh, clean and much younger looking skin free from oil and dirt.

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Treatment of Dry Skin

Dry skin comes with its own set of problems. Problems related to this skin type include wrinkles and signs of early aging and broken skin at times. Such problems require extra attention while treating it with care. With skin care items available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose from a wide collection. Identifying the very skin type is another important issue. Skin bleach which have different levels of hydroquinone are the most critical to choose from. Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent which removes dead cells and dark spots from the outer layers of the skin. Deep penetrating lotions such as Garnier spot remover and skin whitening creams help retain moisturizer and remove the dark spots. Products rich in E-collagen help to remove the wrinkles and signs of aging.

Treatment of Hair

Hair products like shampoos and conditioners rich in jojoa oils and other healthy ingredients are beneficial. Problems such as dandruff, dry hair and split ends demand extra care. Special shampoos such as Head and Shoulders, Tresemme, and Sunsilk are rich in nutrients and oils that help to remove dandruff and give proper moisturization to dry hair. Dry hair require proper care as winters can wreak havoc on our hair. Selection of hair care items depending on specific type of hair is very much important. Post shower conditioners and hair oils rich in coconut and tea tree extracts are really rewarding when it comes to hair care in winters.

Proper Planning and Implementation of Rituals

Planning and implementation of rituals during winters is very much important. It becomes necessary to implement when we actually plan. A proper planning requires strict implementation as well. Healthy diet and good habits also play vital roles in winter. Selection of food, including lots of salad and maintaining proper routine is rewarding. Keeping the body hydrated both from outside and inside is what everyone needs to follow in winters. Rituals like applying body creams after showers to avoid dryness and roughness and applying hair oil should become a habit. Laziness is the biggest nemesis we all need to fight in winter to retain moisture.


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