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Sev Khichdi Recipe – Spicy Rice from Rice Flour

I know this recipe name may sound a bit weird but Believe me, It is very tasty and delicious.

One of my friends taught me this yummy recipe. We all like to eat Pulao, biryani, khichdi. But this is different kind of khichdi recipe which is not made from rice but its made from rice flour. Curious to know?

Have a look at lovely Recipe:


For Sev:

For Making Khichdi:

2 Bowl Rice Flour 2 Small Onion, Chopped
2 Teaspoon Oil 2 Small Carrot, Chopped
Salt as per Taste 2 Small Potatoes, Chopped
Water as Required 1 Bowl Green Peas
1 Small Capsicum, Chopped
2 Teaspoon Oil
1 Teaspoon Cumin Powder
1 Teaspoon Garam Masala Powder
1 Teaspoon Red Chili Powder  and Turmeric Powder
Salt as per Taste
Sev made from the rice flour.


  • Take rice flour in mixing bowl. Add oil and Salt.
  • Take a little by little water and Knead stiff dough for sev.
  • Put steam cooker on the medium flame on the gas stove. Grease the dish with oil and put in steam Cooker.
  • On the other side,
  • For making this sev, you will require the discs with slightly small holes. Grease the sev Moulds (checkout this link for Sev maker machine)and discs with oil.

  • Put a little amount of dough in this mould. After 10 min, directly press the sev maker on the greased dish. Move in the circular motion so that it is equally distributed.
  • Cover the lid. And let it steam for 15-20 Minutes over the fast flame.
  • Check after 15 minutes if it is perfectly streamed or not.
  • If it is sticky then again steam it for 5 minutes.
  • If it is perfectly cooked then take this in another bowl.
  • and make sev from remaining dough by following same steps.
  • Then slightly crumble all the sev with hand. Keep aside.
  • Take a pan and pour the oil into the pan. Oil is hot enough then add Bay leaf, cumin seeds, black pepper and clove.
  • Put all vegetables (except boiled peas) in the pan. Add salt as per taste. Cover the lid and let all the vegetables cook.
  • After a few minutes, Check vegetables if it is cooked or not?
  • Once all vegetables are cooked and then add all spices, prepared sev and peas. Mix all this with a soft hand. Turn off the flame.

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