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What to See, What to Do, What Things to in Morocco?

The answer varies according to many things, and first of all the time of year. Visiting the desert in the summer is difficult (even the Moroccans try to avoid it, and those who live there shade during the day), but even in the south, there are things to do That one goes in the mountains, the temperature is pleasant, that it is in the gorges of the Todgha or the Dades, or higher, in the Middle Atlas, towards Ifrane.

Conversely, winter can be cold, or wet in Casablanca, and the Moroccan mountains often see snow. Ouarzazate or Oujda are cold, and even in the Dades, despite a beautiful sun, the nights are cool. It is the good season for a trekking in the desert, the spring will be that for a mountain trekking.

Some places are accessible only by the track, therefore in 4×4. On the road or on the road, distances are slower, off-highways require an average of 70 km/hour on the road, 20-30 on the runway. So plan reasonable circuits in distance, to have time to enjoy your visits with Virikson Morocco Holidays.

Our Favorite Places

At the bend of a valley, a few kilometers from a road, between two stages “obligatory” for the great tour operators, it is worth the time for a discovery …

The DjebelZireg, a sandy mountain

In the south of Morocco, almost on the border with Algeria, the Jebel Zig is an immense mountain of impressive black shale. It is almost entirely covered with red sand. When one sees it, in the distance, one does not imagine its size. There is nothing, no bush, no landmark. Then we practice the method of “the red jacket” (according to Yann Arthus-Bertrand, always have an assistant with a red jacket, to drop it on the place of a picture and give an idea of ​​the dimension). In this case, Bilal and his blue djellabah. And then it does not work … because in a photo that gives a view of the Jebel … the man is so small that it is invisible!

Tazzarine and the Draa Hamada

Tazzarine, our village, on the edge of the desert, between the last palm groves and the arid regs of an abrupt and severe desert. But in the center of the Medina, behind the walls of mud, hide brilliant gardens, bougainvillea, hibiscus, orange trees, date trees, henna fields … and in the Hamada, natural oases dot the desert of surprising green islets. A few hours’ walk from Serdar or Tiagabine, from the Aït

Atman dam, in a region where fossils are picked up by shovels and where shooting stars animate the sky, it is the ideal place to discover the life of the desert, with The last nomads AïtAtta.

Goulmima, the Pond Oasis

The ksar of Goulmima bears his name well. Anchored in a wide cove of Ghéris, it is one of the most beautiful palm groves of the South. Its name is an Arabization of the Berber Iguelmimene, which means “the lakes”, and the abundant water makes the walk in the gardens and the olive groves a real pleasure. Goulmima is also the seat of a Berber Association, which seeks to preserve its heritage, and to restore a ksar “Ighremn’Igoulmimen”, “the fortress of the lakes”. A little away from the classic tourist routes of the south, it is a city that is worth the detour.

Tinmel, the Proud Mosque

A few kilometers from Marrakech, in the N’fis Valley, in Gondola territory, the mosque of Tinmel stands on a piston, framed by two defensive kasbahs. It was the eagle’s nest of the Mahdi, whose heir became the sultan of Morocco. The mosque was restored with the help of Unesco, and it is a marvel of Muslim architecture stripped. It recalls the beautiful austerity of the Romanesque churches, with the same types of simple floral decors, and a forest of arches which constituted the prayer room, and which is today open to the sky. On the way to Tizin’Test or Taroudant, it is easy to visit.

Casablanca the Secret

There is something else to see in Casablanca than the Hassan II mosque. The economic capital has little to offer at first glance, no old places like Fez, no gardens like Marrakech, a modern hectic and polluted life. It is a mistake. The white town has a remarkable Art Nouveau architectural heritage, which is finally beginning to be taken into account and restored. Some emblematic buildings have been swallowed up, restored. A visit to Casablanca will allow you to admire them.

Discover Morocco

And of course the unmistakable, the imperial cities, the oases of the South and the gorges of the Djebel, the ports on the Atlantic …

In these pages, you will find images, maps, practical information, and ideas to discover Morocco, the one we love, and we would like to share with you.

Places and Nooks in Morocco

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