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Road Trip Tips – 5 Helpful Tips To Make Baby’s First Road Trip Easier

“Are we there yet?” The four little words all parents on a road trip dread. Though babies are thankfully too young to utter these words, they come with their own set of challenges. Never fear! The following tips will help you make baby’s first road trip easier:

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Regular Stops And Refreshments

Regular stops give both children and adults a mental break from the long stretches of monotony. Pulling over and stretching the legs enables a top-up of baby formula or milk from mom, a breath of fresh air, and a chance to visit the bathroom and check the baby’s diaper. However, that’s not the only reason parents should stop more frequently. Young children are prone to pain if they sit in the same position for prolonged periods, more so than adults. Babies that start to fuss after 45 minutes of constant driving are likely sore and stiff. It is recommended that you never drive for more than two hours without rest if you have children below the age of three in the car. 

Bring Some Sing-Along Music

Even the youngest members of the family, the infants, will enjoy a few upbeat nursery rhymes. They might drive adults crazy (if you have a toddler, you might be forced to play the same songs on repeat), but when the sing-along serves as a gag on the crying, it’s a fair trade. For older children, we highly recommend visiting sites like StoryNory, which is like Audible but free. They have stories for every age group, keeping children occupied while you drive. 

Keep The Snacks Flowing

Often, children that are complaining and “difficult” are really expressing that they have an unmet need. If they’re hungry or tired, they’re more likely to act out. Keeping snacks on hand makes the journey easier and staves off “hangry” behavior. You can keep it balanced by offering a mixture of healthy foods, like fruits and nuts, and special treats that are normally limited or avoided. 

Choose Your Travel Time Strategically

Many parents have discovered that traveling just before nap time is due to start can buy them a good few hours of peace. There’s nothing like the gentle hum of a car to get a tired little one to drift off into a calm and happy sleep. In fact, by timing the journey to start just before naptime, parents often find that their little one actually naps longer than usual. Don’t wait until after naptime to stretch out their tiredness – this can backfire quite badly, leading to over-tiredness and resistance to sleep which can bring about a noisy and tearful journey. 

Invest In Ultra-Comfortable Independently Crash-Tested Car Seats

Car seats for little ones come in many shapes and sizes. They’re designed to keep a child safely anchored in the car and protect against injury in the case of an accident. Car seats are often deemed unsafe and pulled from the shops, but the manufacturer then simply rebrands the car seat under a new name and releases it to the marketplace again. So, always go for one that has been independently crash-tested. These seats not only come with exceptional safety guarantees, but they are also created ergonomically, ensuring your baby’s spine is correctly supported for a more comfortable (and peaceful) drive. 

Have you discovered the secret to simplified travel with young children? We have found that meeting young children’s needs nutritionally, taking care of their physical comfort, and ensuring they are well-rested are the best ways to ensure the adults in the family can enjoy peace and quiet on the road.

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