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Ragda Patties Recipe | Baked Patties topped with Spiced Pea Curry

Ragda patties are one of the favorite street dishes of Marathi and Gujarati people. It is favorite street food. If you have planned to throw a party and make this dish, then you have to soaked peas a day before.

I didn’t taste this dish before. But one day my neighbor taught me and later I decided to give a try.

Here is the recipe of Ragda Patties:

Ragda Recipe:

1 Bowl Dried Peas, Boiled

2 Small Potatoes, Boiled

1 Medium Onion, chopped or sliced

2 Medium Tomatoes, Boiled and Crushed

1 Teaspoon Garam Masala

1 Teaspoon Red Chili Powder

1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder

1 Teaspoon Cumin Seeds

Salt as per Taste

Lemon as per Taste

Patties Recipe:

1 Bowl Boiled Potatoes, Crushed

½ Teaspoon Red Chili Powder

1 Tablespoon Boiled Peas

2 Teaspoon Oregano and Chili Flaxes

½ Teaspoon Crushed Green chili

Salt as per Taste

Oil as per necessary

For Servings:


Sweet Chutney (khajur and Emli Chutney OR Tomatoes Chutney)

Spices Chutney



  • First we have to make Ragda. Take a pan and Add oil over medium gas. When Oil is heat enough then put cumin seeds. And wait for the crackle.
  • Once it’s crackled Add onion in it and saute till its turn brown color. Then add tomato puree and Stir it for 2-3 minutes. Then add all spices and little water to mix spices with above onion and tomatoes.
  • After, Add boiled peas and water. Saute for 5 minutes. It is not that much thick or thin puree.
  • Your ragda is ready. Now it’s time to prepare Patties.
  • Take a mixing bowl. Mix all ingredients of Patties proper. And make small balls of it.
  • Take a fry pan and pour enough oil to shallow fry.
  • Fry all Patties till its turn golden brown in both sides.
  • Procedure for Serving:
  • Take a serving bowl and put 2 Patties.
  • Pour Ragda on it. Then sprinkle sweet chutney, spicy chutney, sev and coriander leaves.
  • Ragda Patties is ready to serve.

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