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Our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee fits Every Lifestyle, we Promise

Whoever said that coffee can only be enjoyed in the morning was wrong. If you believe that you can only drink a delicious cup of our JamaicanCoffeeClub Blue Mountain coffee, think again. Our 100% Jamaican government licensed and certified coffee is tantalizing, creamy and it adds a perfectly unique tiny, special bit of acidity.

How best can you enjoy our coffee? Let’s start with the easiest way, the one you’ve known your whole life.

Breakfast Time

An early morning coffee cup is a pleasure. The aroma alone of brewing coffee is the perfect waker-upper. No one can name a better way to warm up to the day. You can sit by your window to watch the world waking up with you, or you can enjoy your cup of Jamaican coffee while you get ready for your day.

Grab your favorite breakfast and get your coffee ready. Are you choosing sweet or salty? English breakfast with bacon and eggs paired with our Jamaican beans? If you have a sweet tooth, you can pair it with yummy chocolate chip cookies.

On the Go

If you don’t have time to have your cup of Blue Mountain coffee at home, grab it on the go. Prepare your coffee, pour it into a travel mug (never forget to ‘temper’ your mug before pouring the coffee in. It will stay warm longer.), and get going. With the right travel mug, you can enjoy our coffee while driving, on the subway, or the bus. The smell will fill the air and make others jealous.

Grab your favorite snack to pair it with our Jamaican delight. You can pair with something sweet like a granola bar or with something salty, like pretzel sticks.

The Italian Way

Italians are coffee lovers. They enjoy an aromatic cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, for sure.

If you want to drink coffee like them, start with an espresso cup, even better if it is white ceramic cup. The coffee should be a fast and short shot, at least in the early morning. No sugar and no milk, just a straight-up dark espresso. This way is meant to wake more than your eyes up, not only for the caffeine intake but for the powerful flavor.

By mid-morning, you can add steamed milk to our Jamaican coffee. With the right milk frother, you can make a macchiato and a cappuccino. Put a biscotti next to it and you will have the perfect Italian break.

Working from home

More and more of us are working from home, so a cup of Blue Mountain coffee is perfect to both focus and relax. By now, you have created your home office with all you need to work, and a work-break is in order. Grind a few of our coffee beans, brew and enjoy.

If you need to focus, brew the coffee, and add a splash of hot water to make a long pick-me-up. It will be a stretched drink and won’t be too strong. The perfect combination.

If you need to relax during a break from work, you can add a bit of brown sugar or steamed milk to your cup. Disconnect from your laptop, close your eyes and relax, enjoying our delicious coffee.

The Coffee Shop Vibe

This is for those of you who love syrups and flavorful extracts. Depending on the size of your coffee mug, you can add spoonfuls of vanilla or droplets of caramel. Just remember – the Jamaican coffee alreadyhas a delicate and balanced flavor, so donot add too many extras or you will lose the taste of the misty Blue Mountains.

To recreate the coffee shop vibe, play music in the background, prepare a delicious snack and do some people watching.

Time for bed, or for that last cup of coffee

Spoiler alert – you can drink coffee in the evening or at night. It can be a relaxing experience when you need to unwind after a long day. The creaminess of our Blue Mountain coffee makes it perfect to relax while watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, enjoying a book, or while taking a bath.

At this hour, the rules are out of the window. Grab the ice cream, put your PJs on, and your feet up. What show have you picked for tonight?

Bonus Tips

You can also enjoy our Jamaican coffee iced, or as a smoothie or Frappuccino – you name it. You can make all your favorite drinks with our Blue Mountain coffee. Simply pour it in your favorite mug or travel mug, and enjoy.

Our coffee is perfect for any time of your day. It fits the lifestyle of someone who is always hustling, as well as the lifestyle of someone who takes it easy. Whatever your style is, a cup of JamaicanCoffeeClub’s 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee does the trick.

Oh, here’s a great secret! Add a small amount of condensed milk. That will take you to a whole new coffee ‘place’. Enjoy.

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