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8 Major Attractions in the Town of Pushkar

A well known town with lots of history, culture, arts & glory, Pushkar doesn’t even need any introduction. Situated in Ajmer, Rajasthan, this village is been majorly known for its religious & spiritual significance which includes rare temples of Hindu God like Lord Brahma. Here we are mentioning the major attractions in the Town of Pushkar.

It is also famous for yearly cattle fair, adventure activities, the holy lake- Pushkar and endless picturesque views are enough to draw the eyes of international tourists towards this city.

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Pushkar Lake

Well, the famous camel/cattle fair takes place in Pushkar village only. This fair or mela is the one of the famous and biggest fairs in India for farmers, traders and livestocks. In the month of October & November this carnival begins which includes the full moon of Kartika month.

The fair is also an opportunity to look deep into the culture of an Indian villages and buy Rajasthani handicrafts and to know more about Indian farmers and cattle breed.

Temples in Pushkar

Pushkar town is also famous for its rare temples like the one- Lord Brahma which is obviously one of the prominent temple here. There are very few temples of Lord Brahma and that’s why people from all around the world and even India visits this place often. There are other temples also which contributes to major attractions & destinations worth visiting like Old Rangi, Atmeshwar Temple, Mahadeva Temple, Paap Mochini Temple, Old Rangji Temple, Raghunath Temple. This place is a total spiritual journey to those who are into spirituality.


This temple Merta is dedicated to Meera who was a great devotee of Hindu Lord Krishna and was born here in Pushkar. Meera’s story is almost 400 years old ant this temple is build in her name. Merta is now famous with the name-Meera Temple but previously was famous with the name Medantak.

Other temples- Dadhimati & Charbhuja Temples are alos famous for attracting devotees from all corners and even remote areas of India. The place also hold a lot of glory & historical importance which a visitor must be aware of because this city has witnessed a lot of wars & battles.

Naga Pahar

The town of Pushkar and city of Ajmer are separated by a hill which is called as- Naga Pahar. According to the sayings of legends and folklore, the t Naga Pahar hills are continuously diminishing and it is assumed that will be disappear eventually someday. The famous Indian sage- Agastya was believed to be a resident of Naga Pahar. There is also a lake called Nag Kund which provides a perfect scenic view for the visitors. If you visit this place then never forget to visit this hill in Pushkar.

Rose Garden

Gardens are always believe to be a place for the sense of relaxation and refreshment. So, this garden is just another name of natural escape from our stressful lives. Though Pushkar is a part of Rajasthan, it is famous for rose farming. Also, this garden offers a enchanted feel, rosy fragrance and to sit and to unwind your feeling in the lap of nature. This place is dope ! Do visit it if you haven’t already and if you are a visitor who is planning to visit this place then never forget to put this place under consideration.

Sarafa Bazar

If you ever think of Rajasthan or Google about it, you see bright colors, joy, art, culture, royality. Well the markets of this place are completely the ambassador of Rajasthani textile, jewelry, handicrafts and even leather products. This place trades it all, trinkets to colorful turban all across the globe. The other famous material that depicts Rajasthani culture are wall hangings, traditional clothes & ivory bangles & jewelry. You wouldn’t want to miss these things definitely.


Kishangarh is a small municipality on the outer skirts of Pushkar which is famous for the enticing marble mines & fort. This place Kishangarh is also famous for Phool Mahal & Roopangarh Fort. This place is also famous for its rich history. You can visit this place you will get to know about the science of the fort situated here. One must never skip this place from their must-visit place in Pushkar list.

Man Mahal

Pushkar lake is famous in this town because the lake’s name was keep on in the name of this town. Man Mahal was built by the Raja Man Singh of Amber which includes the typical Rajasthani architecture. This Mahal also has a temple inside and this place is famous for the enthralling and quaint sunset & sunrise views.

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