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Important Details to Spice Up Your Themed Party

Today, almost all parties follow a certain theme. Be it personal or corporate, events are tagged to a unique ideas to add spice up your themed party. Birthday bash for girls usually has fairy tales or princesses on it while boys go for superheroes or sports. Even weddings and other ceremonies are attached to a motif, mostly to colors. On the other hand, corporate parties can either be formal or not, depending on the type of event. The ballroom will be swarmed with tuxedos, gowns or long sleeves with a formal celebration. The venue will be a cosplay of characters for office parties, like Christmas Party or Halloween. Prizes are even at stake for the best dressed or teams with the most stunning decors.

Planning a themed party is a fun activity, although you might feel pressure to deliver an impressive output. Forget about the nerves. All your time pondering on big details such as the venue, menu and costs can be exhausting. But, never forget to enjoy and learn the whole process. And don’t forget to bring a group of equally bubbly event organizers to max up your happiness while scribbling to-do lists, strolling to canvass suppliers and gastronomic adventures from food tastes.

A themed party isn’t complete just because of the costumes filling the venue. It is achieved by integrating the littlest to the most obvious details. The theme should be felt and seen in all the four walls. Now, the million dollar question is, how do you do it? Here are some useful tips.

The Backdrop

Apart from providing likable background for social media posts, the backdrop also serves as a focal point and scene setter where the center stage takes place and most of the activities will be conducted. There are different backdrop types depending on your budget, theme and materials to use. Bring your party to life with a photo backdrop or an illustrated one. You can also be more artistic and craft a unique one, instead of opting for a 2D printed one.

Consistent Style

If you’re implementing a Harry Potter theme, ensure that the details will follow – from the invitations, the linens, decors and even the music. Your theme should be consistently applied to keep that unique party feel. The color palette needs to be followed. Even the design and name of the dishes can be tailored to the style. Kids will surely love scary images on desserts or a weird concoction on beverages. Tabletops and dining supplies can also be one with the theme. Planning and setting this all up depends on your budget, both costs and time. Apart from doing it on your own, you can search for party rentals which can offer pre-designed materials and supplies.

Photo Booth and Fun Props

A pop of fun bursts while doing wacky pose in a photo booth. This activity also provides enough time for the guests to settle down and do some chit chatting before the program officially starts. A simple background with themed patterns will make it Instagram. But, additional props can make it even more entertaining. Don’t be surprised if you find your guests glued to the booth.

Fun Games

Games remain a party staple. Even simple soirees don’t end without such fun activity. But this time around, integrate your theme, say the music or the materials, even to the usual fun games. Your “Bring Me” challenge may revolve around the theme. Also, you may opt to choose the players who put so much effort with their costumes. If you want your guests to acquaint with each other, try games played in teams by grouping them in zodiac signs, birthday month or anything you like.

Mix and Match

If you want your guests to at least mingle with each other, you can arrange a seat plan pooling strangers into one table. Assign a registration area where you will welcome the guests and provide them with name tags. You can also require each table to create a jingle and perform it on stage. There is no better way to spark a conversation than an activity people share with.

Sing and Dance

Parties are full of music. And nothing beats music than to hit the dance floor or to sing at the top of your lungs. So, consider getting a karaoke for a singing bonanza. Prepare the floor from non-stop beats of dance rhythms. While your party gets an overtime, ensure you have enough drinks until the last song is sung and the ultimate moves are unleashed.

Planning a memorable one-day event surely requires heaps of time and resources. It’s going to be tiring at times. But the blood and sweat you commit just to wrap up a successful party will all be worth it when you see the happy smiles, hear the loud claps and feel the warm appreciation for a job you excel at.

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