How to Treat Flea Bites on your Skin?

If you have a dog or cat, you know that fleas can find their way into your living space. Fleas may ignore some people, but “like” others, and leave red and itchy spots, usually around the ankles and feet. If you are trying to eliminate fleas on pets and grapple with their bites on you, you should try flea bite treatment below to handle flea bites and find ways to reduce itching.

Treatment 1

You have to wash flecked skin with warm soapy water, then apply insect repellent and ice packs on

The burned skin to reduce swelling. If you do not have an ice pack, simply pack a few ice cubes into a stretch band or place it in a plastic bag. You can also use frozen vegetable bags. Place the ice pack on the skin for 10 minutes. Repeat this process twice in an hour. Rinse again with warm water. Make sure the water does not get too hot as it can aggravate your skin.

Try calamine lotion (a mild itching cream) or hydrocortisone cream. Both types can soothe the itch and available in pharmacies. Hydrocortisone is a mild steroid cream, while calamine lotion uses iron oxide to treat mild itching. Both are over-the-counter (OTC) and safe to use at the dosage as directed by the manufacturer.

Avoid scratching the itch and surrounding skin. This can damage the skin and make the skin more susceptible to infection. Use an over-the-counter non-prescription itch product such as lotion calamine or a hydrocortisone-containing product.

Treatment 2

  • Apply a little aloe vera gel on the bite. You can break a branch of aloe and massage it with bite or aloe vera gel.
  • Use green tea to wash flea burns. You can wash it with green tea, black tea, chrysanthemum tea or fresh or dried lavender tea. You can also replace it by placing the used tea bag directly on the bite.
  • Bathe warm oatmeal. You can make it yourself or buy it at food shops or pharmacies. Important is warm water because hot water tends to dry your skin.
  • Try wild daisies. Make or buy a bottle of wild daisies and a few drops on the burn. You can also make your own make-up from fresh wild daisies and warm water.
  • Use copra. Crush a coconut and whole into the blender. After grinding, you will have a fine powder, and this is what you will use to treat flea burns.

Prevents Fleas

Eat lots of garlic. For some reason, the fleas do not like the smell of garlic. Then cook the Italian food you like, or steamed French style, or take advantage of the good use of garlic with garlic bread. However, you do not let your dog eat garlic, because garlic poison the dog.

spray with citrus fruit. Fleas hate the smell of citrus. Therefore, you can cut a lemon into thin slices, add some water, and boil. In overnight and morning after spraying on the area where you suspect fleas are usually “spotted” (especially ankles and arms). This will prevent flea burns later and even smell you!

Use essential oils to prevent fleas. There are many essential oils that help to flee the fleas by their strong scent. You can make alcohol or oil directly on the skin to eliminate fleas.

Learn some other ways to fight fleas from Internet to prevent yourself and your dog or cat as well.Besides treating the bite by your own, you should see your doctor if you notice pus from the burning fleas because pus can signal secondary infection.


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