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How to Remove Fleas on your Clothes?

Fleas on your clothes? Don’t underestimate this issue because flea bites can cause a strong discomfort. In fact, if you are raising a pet, and playing with it all the time, you are highly possible to be attacked by these annoying insects. They never want to skip a good chance to suck your blood; so clothes seem to be the best hiding place. Currently, there are a variety of flea removal methods, which might make you confused; however, our article will give you the most effective remedies.

Identify which Clothes are Infested

To tackle the flea problem on your clothes, first and foremost, you must know exactly what kinds of clothes are infested by fleas. Right after you recognize flea infestation on your pets or in your house, or even you are bitten by fleas, you must check your wardrobe. Only one flea can deserve your serious consideration because it can damage your whole closet.

Separate the Infested Clothes

Let’s imagine: when you identify flea signs on your clothing, you rush to bring it to the washing machine without any cover. In that case, it is so easy for fleas to jump over, escape from your notice, and then, your efforts are “zero”. That is the reason why you should put all infested clothes into a plastic and wrap it up on the way to taking them out.

Identify the Types of Clothes

Actually, for every type of clothes, we have some particular methods.

For the type of clothes that can be under harsh treatment, just set up your machine with highest water, highest temperature and longest wash cycle in a soapy detergent. Not only flea adults are flooded, burned, rolled to the death, but their eggs and larvae cannot live as well.

For clothes that cannot be washed harshly, you can make use of a dryer. Dry them in the hottest temperature within at least half of an hour to wipe out all fleas on your clothes.

In addition, many people also prefer bleach. Dilute bleach with water. Dip infested clothes into that solution, and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. Nonetheless, pay attention that not all clothes can stand bleach.

Double Check your Wardrobe

There is a high chance for fleas to stubbornly cling to your wardrobe; as a result, remember to come back to it in case of prevention. Nowadays, there are a wide range of flea treating sprays. All you need to do is come to VET and ask for advice.

In case you prefer home remedies to chemical products, it is not a tough task at all. Some plants such as rosemary, peppermint, aloe vera and more are useful materials for your DIY sprays. Take some leaves, boil all, and extract the solution. So simple, but they are so cost-effective and efficient. Keep in your mind to spray them into your clothes regularly, especially when you go out and can expose to fleas. They help keep fleas away from your clothes and bring you a relaxing fragrance. Why not?

Control your house

Last but not least, all your efforts can go up in smoke if you fail to control your own beautiful house Clean and vacuum it often, and no flea is willing to enter such a clean room.

Take everything into consideration, treating and preventing flea infestation completely is not a big deal after you read our article. One key point you should remember is the sooner, the better. Take action as soon as you see the signs, and don’t let it out of your control.

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