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Honeymoon in Paris:The Most Romantic City

If there is a city in the world that perfectly embodies the meaning of the word ‘romance’ – it is undoubtedly Paris. The stunning backgrounds of the city will make you fall head over heels again for your significant other. Needless to say, Paris is one of the best destinations in the world for the perfect honeymoon! Because of the acclaimed Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and the city’s enchanting culture and society, the sky’s the limit. It remains an everlasting shelter of memories waiting to be made. Thus, having a few special nights with your special someone in the city of love is dependably a smart decision. Here, we will be discussing steps to plan your dream honeymoon to this exotic dreamland.

Places to Visit

While Paris has some extremely lovely church buildings, nothing matches the appeal of Notre-Dame. Being one of the main Gothic church buildings, the models and the iconic glass windows say a lot about its magnificence. Even though it is hard work getting up an astounding 140 stairs to observe the historical bells that toll for the city consistently makes your Parisian experience and a visit here absolutely justified.

Church Building

Disneyland is another favorite for couples. On account of the enchantment of this spot, a visit here is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to take your relationship to the next level. You can observe sparkly shows and enjoy a romantic candle-light dinner date to make it a honeymoon to remember.

The popular Temple of Love remains on a little island made of two parts of a river amidst the compelling magnificence of the Versailles field. This is a standout amongst the most romantic places in Paris, and an absolute necessity for couples. It is exceptional is the belief that kissing your adored one in the middle of the temple reinforces love into your relationship.

temple of love

Stroll down the lanes of history while holding hands in Louvre Museum. In this chronicled landmark in the city, you can discover in excess of 300,000 items from the past and the 21st century. You can discover models and sculptures from various times and from various cultures, and of course, witness the beautiful Mona Lisa with your partner.

Effile Tower

No honeymoon in Paris is complete without the evergreen Eiffel Tower. You can appreciate a glass of champagne at the Champagne Bar, at the highest point of the pinnacle. Another choice is having a traditional French picnic and take delightful pictures with the shining lights of the tower, which is positively a standout amongst the greatest activities to enjoy in Paris at night, alongside the fireworks show if you happen to be in Paris during Bastille Day.

nightview in paris

Culinary Experiences to Try

In Paris, there are such huge numbers of Michelin-starred restaurants to browse from compared to anyplace else on the planet. Exploit it to arrange a memorable and delightful feast for you and your sweetheart.

Steak frites are a quintessential Parisian classic. The basic blending of a barbecued steak with different sauces and chips is raised to an incredible level when the meat is well chosen and cautiously treated and aged, and the potatoes are crisp, hand-cut and double fried. Pick your cut of meat, your ‘cuisson’ and a sauce, be it Béarnaise or peppercorn, and crunch those firm frites with a side of squeaky haricots verts.

If you want to experiment beyond the restaurants, there are a plethora of brasseries and bistros in Paris that are open all day, and a staple of their menu is the croque-monsieur, a slimy and fresh flame broiled ham and cheddar sandwich for the most part dampened by a pinch of béchamel sauce. In case you aren’t full, get the croque-madame, which includes a fried egg that really ties the whole dish together.

The night doesn’t just end with dinner though. Dessert is also an amazing spectacle. The French have raised the chocolate specialty to a work of art, and in spite of the fact that there are tremendously skilled craftsmen all around the nation, it is in Paris that you’ll locate the most astounding sweet treats. It is simply the ideal chance to treat your partner and yourself to a chocolate box consisting of probably the most delicate and tastiest chocolates on Earth, making for the best honeymoon gift imaginable.

Chocolate Art

Paris is also a renowned paradise for sophisticated drinkers. France is famous for the nature of its wine and pulls in various wine buffs. In Paris, many wine and champagne bars welcome excited amateurs, and wine dealers present the most recent vintages that they have sourced. But if you are looking for other drinks to satisfy your palette, a must try would be Dalmore Aged anywhere between 12 to 18 years, this premium malt is an item to include on the Parisian bucket list.

couple holding hands

A much easier, cheaper and trendy companion for nights when you prefer room service, would be the Mangoritas by Budlight, which combines the taste of mangoes with the pleasurable mix of beer and margaritas.

Wardrobe Options

The decision-making process of the trip starts well before the time you get on a plane. If you are traveling to the fashion capital of the world, you need to step up your game. If you want to counter the cold weather of Paris with hip, trendy fashion, a sweater dress is your best alternative. Made with woven fleece, sweater dresses are accessible in excellent colors and patterns. The length of a girls’ sweater dress can be mid-thigh along with lovely long boots that reach up to your thigh, accessorizing with a trendy cap. You can choose from a variety of options such as a turtleneck, a V neck or you can even go off-shoulder! Ladies leaning toward more radiant hues can go for reds, pinks, greens, blues, and other lovely prints.

Once you enjoy the sights of Paris to your heart’s content, a perfect way to end the trip would be to walk alongside the bridges on the river Seine, hand in hand with your significant other, to complete the most romantic of getaways.

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