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Going on the Wildlife Trail in Guwahati- Top Places to Visit

Guwahati is a major gateway to north-eastern India and connects to Cherrapunji, Shillong and several other tourist landmarks. Guwahati is home to several landmarks like the Kamakhya Temple and Hajo which tourists naturally look for when they book hotels in Guwahati. However, if you are in the mood for something different, you could try going on a wildlife trail in Guwahati while on your next trip! Guwahati offers several avenues for wildlife lovers and enthusiasts to have a great time. So what are you waiting for? Book Guwahati hotels and get on the wildlife trail with your loved ones.

Here’s taking a look at some of the places worth visiting if you’re looking to go on a wildlife trail in Guwahati-

Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is located in the Kokrajhar and Dhubri districts of Assam. This sanctuary is famous for the Golden Langur and is a protected habitat for this species. The sanctuary covers two lower Assam districts and Kokrajhar is the nearest town around 6 kilometres away from it. The Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary is located approximately 222 kilometres from Guwahati and you can view the rare Golden Langur here along with several other endangered species of birds and animals. This sanctuary was made a reserve forest back in the year 1966. There are two lakes inside, namely the Diplai Lake and Dheer Lake along with the forest which has 30 species of mammals like the Chinese Pangolin, Leopard Cat, Asiatic Jackal, Bengal Fox, Indian Pipistrelle, Short-Tailed Mole, Indian Flying Fox and Rhesus Macaque.

There are several reptiles and amphibians along with more than 60 species of insects and 40 species of butterflies. Visitors can go trekking and bird-watching along with indulging in wildlife photography here. There are several observation posts which facilitate these activities.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Another hotspot for wildlife lovers, the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is where you can see the endangered and rare Great Indian one-horned rhinoceros. This sanctuary is located only 50 kilometres away from Guwahati in Assam’s Morigaon district. This sanctuary covers around 38 kilometres with swampy marshlands, making it the perfect habitat for wild buffalos, rhinos and wild boards alike. Apart from watching rhinos, you can also look out for leopards, Asiatic buffalos, civet cats and several birds like the Kalij pheasant, Osprey, hill myna and Indian pied horn bill. The sanctuary is also home to several reptiles like the common monitor lizard, Indian python, Indian cobra and Indian tent turtle.

Kaziranga National Park

Arguably Assam’s biggest attraction, the Kaziranga National Park is situate around 194 kilometres away from Guwahati. This is a world heritage site and is also home to the one-horned rhinoceros. 2/3rds of the rhino population globally can be view at the Kaziranga National Park. It is also a well-known tiger reserve. The Kaziranga Proposed Reserve Forest was establish in 1905 and it became a sanctuary soon after.

UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site in 1985. The park is closed between mid-April and mid-October on account of heavy rainfall. There is an interpretation centre located at Bagori range for the benefit of visitors. Hiking is not allow although observation towers are located at strategic points. A major draw here is the one-hour ride on the back of an elephant. The tourist season runs between November and May. This is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries/parks in the country and one that is a must-visit by all means!

Assam State Zoo

The Guwahati Zoo or the Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden is the ideal place to round off your wildlife trail. This is the biggest such zoo in the North-East and is situate within the Hengrabari Reserved Forest in Guwahati. This zoo houses around 895 birds, animals and reptiles across 113 bird and animal species worldwide. The Assam State Zoo is also call the green lung of Guwahati for its natural greenery. Tts role in rehabilitation and rescue initiatives. The zoo remains open on all days between 7 AM-4.30 PM with the exception of Friday. The entry fees are nominal and one has to pay a fee for carrying cameras. This is where you can get up close with several fascinating animals and birds.

A wildlife trail in and from Guwahati promises to be a thrilling and immensely fulfilling experience for any traveller without a doubt!

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