Getting Around Melbourne: HiddenLuxury, Private Destinations & Tours
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Getting Around Melbourne: Hidden Luxury, Private Destinations & Tours

Travelling, one of the few age-old hobbies of humans ignites passion and zeal in all souls. Australia has never failed its visitors in this way. This is one country with widespread beauty and authenticity in each and every corner of its cities. Even the people who have already visited Australia say that it is a must to relive the unforgettable memories they make there. With its beaches, rocks, city life and the famous Great Barrier Reef among other interesting places, Australia is a continent you must visit and revisit. 

Luxury Private Tours around Melbourne

Travelling classy never goes out of style. Luxury private tours for Great Ocean Road day tour in Melbourne and around is the best gift you can give yourself. Luxury tours are worth the amount of money you spend because they ensure that you have an exclusive vacation. Without a travel agents, getting around new places can turn daunting and messy. Not to mention, you can make the terrible mistake of missing out on interesting places to visit.

Why to Choose Tour & Travel Specialist?

Why to choose Tour & Travel specialist?

Luxury tours in Melbourne run the gamut, sightseeing and exploring cuisine and lifestyle being the two major parts of the plan. You get to vacation like a real traveller. The whole tour plan is never too compact, so you get the amusement of spontaneous sightseeing.

When you are under the responsibility of someone else, you worry less and enjoy much more. Leave it to the travel agency to choose the best hotels and restaurants for you to get the true essence of the culture of Melbourne. This is why it is important to choose a private touring agency. They include all the essentials of an all-rounder exploration into the itinerary. If you need money for currency exchange, You can take help of best exchange rates for GBP to AUD.

Great Ocean Road Tour Melbourne

Great Ocean Road Tour Melbourne

The exact phrase that describes Great Ocean Road is ‘coastal freedom’. Let the sea breeze caress you as you drive along one the best scenic beauties in Melbourne. Popularly referred to as a dramatic driving experience,Great Ocean Road day tour Melbourne conducted by luxury travel agencies has several highlights. Not only do you get to dunk your feet and splash yourself with the clearest of seawater in Australia, but you also come across an amazing range of greenery. Twelve Apostles is a series limestone spires rising out of the blue ocean. This is perhaps one of the most breathtaking places to visit on earth.

Famous for the rock formations and lush green rainforests in the area, the Great Ocean road makes a picturesque trip. Seafood in the nearby restaurants can be a major mood-maker. Apart from the crisp ocean air that makes you fly while you surf, you can enjoy the dense atmosphere of the rainforests while hiking.

You can even spot a few koalas here and there as this place is famous for being home to colonies of koalas that are happy enough to show themselves to humans. Another exciting attraction is the sports event, the Great Ocean Road Run. Spectators from around the world come to enjoy this running event held on the 19th and 20th of the month of May every year.

The Great Ocean Road day tour, Melbourne, takes you to every spectacular spot around the road and allows you enough time for comfortably exploring the area as you create some amazing memories for life. They give you careful and good recommendations of eateries and hotels. You can even spend a day or two there if you wish to. As for hiking, they provide you with backup, first-aid, solid shoes and other supplies you require.

The extra comfort provided by cars of your choice from the agency makes it a point to make sure you are not exhausted from the journeying. After all, how exhausted can you be after enjoying one of the most captivating places in the continent? You can even fly over the apostles if you hire a helicopter which can also be managed by the agency.

It is still not over- you still have the walk left. The Great Ocean Walk can be a part of your most magnificent experiences in life. Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road day tour services provide you with a guide who can show you around and give you unique ideas to delve into. The walk can be a long one, but there are shortcuts too.

 Phillip Island Tour Melbourne

Phillip Island Tour Melbourne

Phillip Island tour is famous for the Nature Park there. Waddle on the wilder side of nature by taking a ride to Phillip Island tour, just 90 minutes from Melbourne and seeing the penguin parade there. The island is home to the largest colony of penguins in the continent, and you can go watch the heart-warming sight of these lively little creatures returning home at sunset. The view being amidst gorgeous landscapes makes it a trip worth the money spent.

Phillip Island penguin parade tour in Melbourne arrange for you to visit the renowned park to see the penguins who have earned fame for being adorable and also walking around the park in large groups. The touring service gets you tickets of the best time slots which usually are every night of the year during sunset. You can choose a few other bundled options, such as whether you want to explore by yourself or if you require a ranger cum guide for the tour.

They also provide access to wheelchairs and prams on request. The entire experience of the Phillip Island penguin parade tour in Melbourne is very exciting and worthwhile. You live a virtual yet vivid Antarctic experience when you go to the island. Australia has much more to it that the excellent vibes of nature and the penguin parade adored by many is the living proof.

If you are still wondering if you should visit Australia or not, you’re already living life slower than it should be. Pack your bags, board your flight and get to Melbourne. Experience Melbourne like never before with luxury private tours. Australia is the ultimate destination for finding diverse beauty gets even livelier when you hop around in luxury. Luxury private tours in Melbourne leave an impression of a lifetime on your hearts and compel you to come back for reliving the awe-inspiring memories you make.

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