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Ganesha Chaturthi : History of Important Hindu Festival

This Festival is one of the important ten days Hindu festival Which is celebrated as the birthday of elephant-headed Lord Ganesha. It comes on shukla chauwth of the Hindu month of Bhadra which falls between August and September.

People takes the clay idol of Ganesha publicly or privately and do worship for 10 days. There are so many names of god Ganesha like Ganapati, Vinayak, Vighnaharta etc. This Festival is celebrated all over the India But most necessary festival of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka.

History of God Ganesha’s Birth

Ganesha is son of lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. when goddess Parvati was alone then she made son from her body dirt and instruct him to stand outside the home and be careful about no one was come inside while she was bathing.

At this time, lord Shiva was returning home and saw this unknown boy outside the home. this boy didn’t recognize the Shiva. Shiva was trying to go inside the house but the boy was stopped him. Shiva was furious and decided to fight with him. Shiva was killed Ganesha and cut his head.

Parvati immediately knew about son’s death of her mind’s eye. She was very insulted and decide to destroy entire world. God Brahma had some issued and give pleaded her of this. Then Parvati told that if her son was brought back to life.

Brahma instructed to the Shiva that go on earth and bring the head of the first thing you saw. Shiva was going on earth and he saw the elephant. he brought the head of elephant. It placed on this boy’s body and his named “Ganesha”.

How to Celebrate Different State?


Each and every Maharstrian celebrate this festival with so mach faith and dedication. The Small idols of Ganesha brings in every home and do worship for days. They put idols every street of Mumbai with proper arrangement. they also arrange different programs in every night of this 10 days like Classical dance, folk dance, Musical performance. the last day of this festival called “Visarjan”. People carried idol with enjoyment and do immersion to the nearby water body. In those days, people make many varieties of Modak for lord Ganapati.


This state celebrates this festival as “Vinayak Chaturthi”. Karnataka people celebrate this festival by doing worship of Gauri, The mother of Ganesha. married women pray and please to goddess Gauri that her married life remain long lasting and happy. people celebrate this festival in those temples where god Ganesha is worshiped along with his mother goddess Gauri.


Gujarat is one of the state of India where every festival celebrate with great pomp. Gujarati people do may arrangement for this no matter it is small temples or Large pandals. They are made more pomp by fireworks and crackers. After 7-10 days, They do immersion of idols at nearby water body with so may noice, songs and mantras.


Ganesha is also honored in every home of Rajasthan. Rajasthani bath the Ganesha’s image in red kumkum and also garland idol with red flowers beads. this idols are placed at the entrances of each and every home with the small thali of kumkum and haldi. So the guest take a pinch of this haldi and kumkum and put them in their forehead and throat. Which is believed to bring good luck. Ladoos are distributed between all the relatives and friends.

Apart of above state, This is celebrated all over the India. Ganesha is lord of wisdom, purity and peace. that’s why Lord Ganesha is worshiped outside this India like Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia and Afghanistan.

Special Food on Ganesha Chturthi

Women are so excited when this festival come. they made so many dishes and specially sweet dishes Like Kansar, various Ladoo, etc. because Ganesha loves sweet dishes most. then they offered this homemade sweet dishes to him.

Ukadiche Modak

Modak is very famous sweets special in Maharashtra. Maharashtra people are made this sweet mostly in Ganesha festival. Ukadiche modak recipe is very easy. It is filled with sweet jaggery and coconut filling in rice flour dough. then give shape like modak using mold. After shaping, The modaks are streamed. There are so many variation in Modak. Like Chocolate modak, Rava modak, coconut modak, Dry fruit modak etc. Streamed modak is healthy as well as delicious more then fried. If you want then you can fried this modak.

Rava Besan Ladoo

This ladoo is also famous in region of Maharashtra. We make it this sweet usually in Diwali or Vinayak Chaturthi. this is so easy and yummy recipe from semolina, gram flour, powdered sugar and ghee. This ladoo has similar taste as Besan Ladoo. but it has some unique texture which is provided by Semolina. Its recipe is so easy to make. So anyone can make this without fear of failing. This yummy and delicious ladoo offered Ganesha during this 10 days.

Motichur Ladoo

Motichur ladoo is very easy to make but it is time consuming recipe. this ladoo is given as prasad to the devotess in so many temples. it is different from boondi ladoo. it is made with tiny balls of gram flour and also have different procedure and preparation. this ladoo are melting in mouth easily. Motichur ladoo are made specially in New year, Diwali or Vinayak Chaturthi.

Churma Ladoo

Churma Ladoo is famous in Rajasthan and Gujarat. They can make this as a prasad to offered god and goddess. it is rich in taste and very easy to make. They are made churma ladoo in Diwali, Ganesha festival or any special occasion or festivals. it is made with semolina,gram flour, wheat flour, ghee and jaggery or powdered sugar. you can use both jaggery and powdered sugar but when you offered this ladoo as a prasad to Ganesha then you must use sweet jaggery.

India is very famous to celebrating each and every festival in unique style. and every festival has its own history. this festival has its story as shown below. it is celebrated in different state with various style.

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