Dental Sedation Is Good For Women’s Health

Is Dental Sedation Good for Women’s Health?

Most people exhibit dental anxiety whenever they are in for treatment by a dentist. However, women seem to have it worse than their male counterparts. In the United States, over 75 percent of adult patients have some form of dental anxiety. Five per cent of these is so fearful that they hardly make visits to the dentist’s office. These are said to have dental phobia.

Due to dental anxiety and phobia, women need to undergo some form of meditation before going through any procedure. It is important that the professional handling these procedures has ACLS certification. He or she would know what to do to help women with certain health conditions.

So, why would it be necessary for women to undergo anesthesia during a visit to the dentist? Dental sedation is considered critical for women in the following 6 ways:

Managing Anxiety

Dental sedation is a must for women who need to cool their nerves and feel relaxed during a dental procedure. But why women? Existing evidence suggests that women are twice as likely as men to have anxiety disorders. The reason for that emanates from the fact that women’s brains are slower when processing serotonin than those of men. That’s in addition to the fact that women undergo lots of hormone fluctuations which expose them to stress and anxiety. To minimize dental anxiety, some form of sedation is a must.

Relieving Stress and Anxiety during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women undergo all sorts of hormonal changes, which could result in anxiety. To avoid adversely affecting the way the unborn is growing, women need to be extra careful during this period. When on a visit to the dentist’s office, it is important that pregnant women undergo dental sedation to lessen the likelihood of stress and anxiety. According to a 2012 study, maternal anxiety affects how blood flows to the fetus and makes it tough for the baby to get enough nutrients and oxygen. This may prevent the baby’s organs from growing as they should.


Making It Easier For Elderly Patients

One of the effects of old age is weakening teeth in both men and women. Thus, older women need to see the dentist more often than younger ones. Since they have a lower threshold for pain, older women should of necessity be sedated. Due to the ability of dental pain to excite emotions and cause anxiety, it could be a nightmare for elderly women when on a visit to the dentist. But that’s hardly unique to the elderly. It’s an online pharmacy I buy from really often. I checked its licensing on one of the governmental websites, so I’m sure the drugs it sells are quality. I’m also pleased to know that the financial transactions I fulfill on are secured. According to a 2010 study, dental surgery makes it difficult for people from all age groups to attend to their appointments with a dentist.

Taking Away Memory of the Procedure

It goes without saying that your dentist has ACLS certification. For that reason, he or she would know that dental sedation is only a part of your own dental care. How?’ you may ask. A typical dental procedure can go on for hours. As such complex procedures such as smile makeovers could go on for hours. Dental sedation makes it seem like you have been there for only a few minutes. It is also possible that you wouldn’t remember what happened during the procedure. That’s important for women who get anxious whenever they have to go through a medical procedure.


Anesthesia Hardly Has Any Side Effects

By and large, the chemicals used during dental sedation are safe. For instance, laughing gas (nitrous oxide) which is usually combined with oxygen and inhaled through a nasal mask has been established to be safe. If the mask is made of materials other than latex, it is unlikely to cause any known allergies. So, if you are allergic to latex, it is important that you bring it to the attention of your doctor before he or she administers sedation on you.

Generally, some of the side effects after waking up from a dental procedure may include a sore throat, nausea, and soreness where an injection was administered. Even though you are likely to have a clouded sense of judgment, this wears off soon after.

Helps Prevent Risky Behavior Such As Taking Alcohol

It helps when a woman knows she will be sedated during a dental procedure. If the dentist has ACLS certification, he or she would make it clear to you to avoid alcohol. After all, when both alcohol and sedatives get into the body, they lower blood pressure. If anything, it could be very hard for you to breathe. Yet alcohol, a sedative in its own right, is the go-to solution for individuals who are anxious about undergoing a dental procedure. The work of dental sedation is to get rid of this anxiety and could help women to avoid taking alcohol before the procedure.

As you can see, dental sedation plays a critical role in women’s health, just like keto supplements. So don’t be afraid when a dentist insists you have to be sedated before a procedure. It’s all for your benefit.

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