What Does the Delta Variant Mean for Outdoor Dining?

Eating food is necessary for the survival of every species on this planet. But the only species that takes the time and puts in real effort to elevate the normal eating practice to something truly wonderful are the homo sapiens. This practice of eating is no longer just a matter of sustenance for us all but a method to please our senses of sight, taste and smell. This is how the term ‘gastronomy’ became a common practice more than a mere proposal and eating became more of an artform than just an activity to stuff our faces. Providing relish with each bite is exercised via a lot of methods; it can be done either by introducing a simple candle in the middle of the table, by using special silver or gold cutlery or by just opening a new bottle of rich wine.

Outdoor Dining in USA

In the USA, people take their feasting activities quite seriously, especially outdoor ones. There is nothing that beats the splendid eating experience that outdoor dining spaces in the sparkling city of New York promises. The city is stunning at nightime, with a star lit sky above and the million star lights all around. That is why the people of NYC exceptionally love indulging in luxurious meals at outdoor dining Hell’s Kitchen or other such places at least once a week.

How has COVID-19 then affected the eating behaviors of people who love to participate in outdoor dining? Outdoor dining has been quite adversely affected after the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many restrictions were and still are currently placed to prevent people from catching the SARS-CoV-2 virus or any of its latest variants that have raged throughout the world and especially in all the US states. In particular, Delta Variant, which is one of the worst forms of this SARS-Cov-2 virus, has wreaked havoc and has spread like wildfire across this country. This has led to the installation of deep fear in people that eating in outdoor spaces can possibly result in getting the Delta Variant virus. This is a real possibility but only when the people aren’t aware enough and are not following the right regulations.

How Does Delta Variant Affect Outdoor Dining in the USA?

Delta Variant has emerged as the leading and more dominant form of coronavirus in the USA. This variant was first detected in India but surprisingly affected almost 51% of the whole population of the USA. It would have been impossible to stop the spread of this virus had it not been for the active vaccination drives that the government of USA carried out. Vaccines like Pfizer–BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, were administered to all eligible people to ensure that they had some sort of protection against the spread of this dangerous strain of COVID-19 virus.

The spread of the Delta variant is, however, causing a lot of problems for the restaurant industry. These problems arise due to the exposed danger that people are at when they come together in a limited space. Any risk that crops up is also not out of order as it makes sense for people to be cautious of stepping anywhere in public places due to the possible exposure to the Delta Variant virus. For the unvaccinated people in particular this virus can prove to be especially tricky. It will affect them and they will become active spreaders. Other unsuspecting people in a public setting too, can then acquire this virus from them in case the right protocols aren’t followed. If we talk about a restaurant setting; dining inside in a closed room without being vaccinated, covered in masks and without following the social distancing rules will definitely lead to the spread of this disease excessively.

This is not the case for outdoor spaces. This can be said in confidence due to the simple fact that the cough droplets that this virus spreads from wouldn’t stay as present in the air when one is sitting in an outside place. Alternatively, if the individual is exposed to the same stale air of a closed room or a closed space, the chances of the spread increase manifold.

However, this is not necessarily the case all the time also, which is why it is not something that can be practiced mindlessly. Any person who is fully vaccinated and wears a mask all the time, can only and should only engage in the wonderful activity of dining outside for pleasure. This is because the people after getting fully vaccinated have a significantly reduced chance of contracting the virus.

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After going through each aspect of this important topic of discussion, there is nothing that hasn’t been considered in the sphere of dining out in a world where the clouds of Delta Variant are ever looming on the head. Of course the safety of an outdoor dining experience during the spread of this variant can not be guaranteed. What one can be sure of however, is that if the right precautions and regulations are met, then the spread of this virus can be stopped and dining out can again be enjoyed vigorously. Don’t yet give up on the hope of a bright post-COVID world because it isn’t too far.

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