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    The Growth Of Gin – 6 Things Few People Know About The History Of Gin

    Gin is a polarizing drink, with people seeming to either love it or hate it. If you fall into the former category, you’ll be pleased to know that many regions of the world are now producing astonishingly delicious varieties. From the classic London dry gin to exotic Spanish gin, there are endless sensorial adventures to be had.  To ensure you’re thoroughly prepared for your next gin journey, here are six of the most obscure but fascinating facts from the history of this delectable beverage:  1. The origins of gin Infusions of alcohol and juniper berries have been around since the early days of recorded history, and it seems these concoctions…

  • Tips to be a Hireable Barista
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    5 Tips to be a Hireable Barista

    If you want to be a sought after Barista then you need to be dedicated and passionate about creating the perfect coffee every time – which takes practice and patience. An equally important skill is customer service – being friendly and approachable and making the whole coffee experience a pleasant one which people will want to come back to again and again. We asked our friends from CoffeeBitz, an online source for thorough reviews of coffee grinders, to give us their tips on would-be baristas. Here are their pro-tips on how to make yourself more hireable.   1: Practice and practice again To become a coffee expert you need to…