Best Foods to Try when in Agra
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Best Foods to Try when You are in Agra

Planning to visit Agra? Well, one reason you want to visit is to have a look at the magnificent Taj Mahal. Why not? Over millions of people visit the city to have a glimpse of this beautiful icon of love. However, Agra is more than just the Taj Mahal.

The city of love is also immensely popular for its delectable food! Agra offers an incredible variety of food. Here are some of the best ones you must try on when you visit the city:

Mughlai Food of Agra

Agra served as the capital of India during the 16th Century. This was also the time when the Mughals constructed spectacular monuments across the city. The empire also left ineradicable marks on then the taste of Agra too. Mughlai foods are creamy, flavored and loaded with dried fruits, nuts, fresh whole and ground spices, and roasted meats. The food is kingly and tastes heavenly. For the best variety of Mughlai food in Agra, head to Indiana, NaikiMandi, MG road, and TajMahal Restaurants.


Chaats from Agra are yummy, spicy and irresistible. You can choose from a variety including samosa, dahi-bhaal, golgappas, bhallas and raj kachori. To relish the best chat, visit the city’s Chat wali Gali in Sadar Bazar.


The delicious pan-fried chapatti stuffed with different ingredients such as potato, cauliflower, radish, onions, and cottage cheese, paranthas are best relished with chutney and curd. One of the most famous parantha points to visit here is the RambabuParathe Wale on Old Delhi Agra Highway.


A visit to Agra is incomplete if you don’t get the taste of the famous Petha. Yes, Agra ka Petha is world famous and loved by all. It is a sweet dish available in several flavors, including Kesar (saffron), plain (white), nutty, mango, pineapple, and strawberry. These are available in different shapes too. Petha is also believed to possess medicinal traits. It is considered very helpful in controlling brain growth, blood pressure, hydration, and much more. For the best varieties of Petha, visit PanchhiPetha and Baluganj.


Craving for something crispy and crunchy to accompany with a hot cup of tea on winter days?  Well, Dalmoth is a must try during your Delhi Taj Mahal tour in winter. The snack is quite famous in this historic city. It is a tongue-teasing dry snack, all spiced and nutted in the right way. These are also loaded with fried lentils. You can get it packed in little bags and boxes. The namkeen can also be combined with beer. For the best Dalmoth, go to Baluganj or PanchiPetha.


Love chaats from Delhi? Agra is no less than the capital city in treating taste buds of foodies. The city will treat you with its own version of chaat, the bhalla. It is a hot favorite of the locals. A very popular street food, you must try it once to know how amazing it tastes. The spiced potato mash are turned into flattened balls and then deep fried in oil. The dish is served with spice chickpea curry with freshly chopped onion. Bhalla is widely available in the local markets and lanes of Agra as an evening snack.

Bedai and Jalebi

Your taste buds will bless you for this sweet and spicy combination. Give this a try and you won’t be disappointed. Relished widely across the city as a breakfast item, the dish has comprises of two parts – sweet and snacky. Bedai is crispy, puffy bread, deep fried in oil. It is served with spicy potato curry. The dish also comes with curd. Jalebi is a crispy sweet made from fermented batter and dipped in sugary syrup. The unique combination of sweet and snack is a must try. For the best variety, visit GMB and Shree Ji sweets on Fatehabad Road. They specialize in the dish.

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