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Best Festivals and Events Celebration in Italy

If you are planning to visit Italy country and their towns and cities, here are some tips to make a planning. There are so many festivals occurred during the whole year In Italy. Here we have mentioned festivals and their events celebration in Italy. So you get ease and comfort of booking hotels in advance to visit the particular festival of Italy in and around the year. Down here is the list of Italy festivals.

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Capodanno – Italy New Year Day

Capodanno is famous as La Festa di San Silvestro in Italy. It means the end of the year and new beginning of life. It is celebrate on 1st of January every year in Italy. If you are planning to visit Italy, don’t make it for 1st January, because everything will be closed. The festival starts from 9 pm to midnight celebration. Venice, Rome, Florence are burst with amazing fireworks and musical programs. You have to make a prior reservation if you want to enjoy fireworks through St.Mark’s square. You get to know traditional wine tasting experience, enjoying a luscious traditional meal of Italy. It’s a tradition to stand on freezing water of Venice. It is a belief that your soul and body get freeze if you stand in freezing water of Venice River. It’s exceptional, don’t worry this rule is not meant for travelers.

Carnevale – Venice’s World Famous Festival

The Carnival of Venice is most popular festival of Italy starts from February 11 and exists till February 28. This carnevale celebration is mark by the parades of different people wearing different types of masks and traditional costumes. Mischief and pranks are normal during this parade. The common job of people is to entertain everyone come to see parades. Lots of musical rides, children enjoy throwing confetti on each other. You have to reserve the space if you want to enjoy a luxury dinner show and ball in The majestic ca’ vendramin Calegi palace. Enjoy everything from good food to good wine, live music and grand parades of masquerade balls. You can rent a traditional costume and join in the celebration. a firework in Piazza San Marco is the center of attraction.

Vinitaly – Largest Wine Exhibition in World

If you are a wine addict you must not miss this celebration. It is the best time to taste the wine tradition of Italy. YOu get to know various taste and trends of wine. You also get to know about the procedure of wine making here. It’s fun you get all the joy of wine tasting here.

Scoppio Del Carro Fireworks – Celebrate Easter Sunday, Florence

The ceremony is cherish every year in Easter Sunday in Florence most expected comes in April month. This historic event is partly historic and is celebrate in the name of Pazzino, who is the member of family Pazzi family. He was reward with three flints from Holy Sepulchre which is still preserved in the church. The explosion of cart takes place after rubbing these stones and burning candles out of it. The cart is adorn with beautiful costumes, flags and historic decoration. You will be the spectator of great explosion of cart and amazing fireworks outside the church. It is said that if fireworks go smoothly, good luck is ensured this year.

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Typical Roman Celebration – Rome’s Birthday

You want to be the witness of the grand celebration of Rome’s birthday book your tickets to Rome for 21st April 21. Rome is a fascinating city but its celebration attracts lot to tourists. The Celebration starts with the historic parades and other cultural activities at Circus Maximus. Don’t miss to see the Roman’s battles and taking a tour at remarkable Palatine hill. In night you will see The Colosseum is illuminate with adorable light decorations and fireworks.

Taormina Pera Festival – Summer Celebration

If you are planning to spend a summer vacation, book your tickets to visit Taormina Pera Festival in Italy. The musical festival starts from June and stays still September month. You will see the great performance of classic music like Carmen, Don Giovanni in very fair price. This act is perform in open air Greek theatre Teatro Antico with a view of across to Mount Etna. Online registrations open before the festival starts, so you can book it online before the time.

Harvest Sagrel – Most beloved Festivals in Italy

It is a best time to eat and taste and the best food of Italy. It is also famous as the food festival of Italy. October and November are the important month of harvest. And this is why these festival is celebrate under the joy of bountiful harvest. You get to taste the traditional dishes of Italy like stuffed eggplant or polenta and many other seasonal foods too. Visitors are warmly welcome to experience the local festival.

Christmas Day and Santo Stefano- Celebrate Midnight in Italy

You will find the great crowd around the roads and public streets to enjoy the incredible lighting and decoration in every corner of city. The day after Christmas is identifie as St’ Stephen’s Feast day and there is a declared holiday on December 26. So on 25th and 26th restaurants and hotels are fully book. If you are willing to go Italy during Christmas, book the hotels and restaurants online prior visiting Italy festivals.

So here are the related information of when to visit Italy and how to enjoy watching the celebrations of Italy. Regardless of time you can visit Italy around the year. Italy people love celebrations and they do enjoy it fully. Every month there are particular celebration moments, so you can visit the celebration time and enjoy feeling the local resident of it.

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