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Best Birding Spots for Bird Watching Tours in Australia

Australian wildlife destinations have become immensely popular! And here you don’t just get to see the whales and dolphins, but also exotic birds. Most wildlife travelers have an affinity towards bird watching. If you resonate with this, you too can explore the best bird watching destinations in Australia.

Do you want to know about the best birdwatching tours Australia can offer you? If yes, you can opt-in for the following options.

Kakadu National Park

Situated on the north-eastern side of Darwin, this park is a wet-dry zone. It is home to some of the best bird species. It is touted to be one of the excellent bird watching spots in the continent. Sometimes, when storms are arising from the Indian Ocean, the region might get flooded. And the marshes here can draw some of the best waterbirds, travelling from a long distance, simply for breeding. If you time your visit accordingly, you can have a look at these birds.

Atherton Tablelands

Situated on the western side of Cairns, it is a must-visit spot. Here you will find some of the beautiful bird that Australia is famous for. You can explore the dense rain-forests that once used to be a volcano. Here you can have a look at male bower birds, during the summer and springtime. Their female counterparts are also exciting to watch. Head to the volcanic crater lakes where you can have a glimpse at the endemic bird species. If you keep a tab on the trees, you can come across the seed-eating birds, especially the blue-face parrots. You can also get to see the sooty owl, rifle bird and the Buff-breasted kingfisher.

Daintree Rain-forest

It is one of the globally acclaimed bird watching spot for bird enthusiasts. Once you are here, you can get to see as many as 430 bird species. It is a tropical rain-forest that is situated in North Queensland, the region is replete in thick forests and the swift floating rivers. The best times to visit is during summer when you get to see the best birds.

Lord Howe Island

This place is known for its rats and feral pigs! But let that not disappoint you at all. This place is known as a globally acclaimed heritage site. If you want to watch the best nesting seabirds, you should head to the island to have a look at the famous Lord Howe wood hen and explore the subtropical rain-forests. Some of the famous bird species here are the petrels which are sensitive to human sounds. Few other bird species that you can explore here include black-winged petrel, red-tailed tropic-bird, and the white tern.

When you are watching the petrel, be careful of not making it conscious by excessive talking. Then the bird might fly and not come to public sight. At all times, it is essential that you keep listening to your tour guide.

These are the four best Australian bird watching areas that you can explore during your vacation. You can also add in other areas as you keep on increasing your list. For beginners, these four places are an excellent option to start.

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