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Are you Planning to Travel for Long? Use These Tips to Travel Cheap

Travelling is a dream for many people. Lot of people today have quit their jobs to pursue their passion for travelling. For such individuals, it is an adventure. Meeting new people, learning new cultures and exploring new places is what drives to them to travel around the world. However, for such avid voyagers, travel expense is always a concern. Flight tickets, hotel reservations and food only can make big hole in their pockets, especially if you are planning for a long-term travel. Long term vacation is nothing like a small trip, both in experience and cost.

Being Mentally Prepared

Even though it is the biggest dreams of our lives, it requires a lot of preparation and thought. Long-term travels require thorough research to plan, courage and determination to endure. Most of us are caught in our 9 -5 schedules, travelling is a way to rejuvenate ourselves and gain the energy to fight back with our daily situations. When planning to travel for long, you need to understand and be prepared for situations like weather, people, accommodations and food. You might not find everything according to your preferences everywhere. Therefore, you need to be mentally prepared to fight situations as they come.

Basic Preparations

Once you are mentally prepared, you need to consider other nuances of travelling like budget and packing. If you will be gone for long, you would need enough money to keep you going and even proper clothes for almost every weather condition.

Budget Planning

One of the biggest expenses during a vacation are for moving around, accommodation and food. You need to figure out the amount you are ready to spend on your vacation and set a limit for daily expense, but be realistic. Some cities might not be expensive, while some may be. Hence, you need to ensure that you set a daily budget accordingly. Decide the travel style like you want to go backpacking, luxury etc. Your travel style will have a huge influence on the budget and how you pack.

  • For travelling between countries, look for cheap flights or other modes like buses or even sharing cabs etc. This way you can save a great deal of money. If you have miles on your credit cards or any kind of reward points, this is the time to use.
  • For accommodation, try out cheap hotels or homestays. Couch surfing is another way of saving money on accommodation. Couch surfing is a concept in which; people allow fellow travels to stay at their home without charging any money. In return, it is an unsaid agreement between the host and the traveller, that during their visit in their home country, they would host their stay. Couch surfing is getting very popular amongst budget travellers. Alternatively, there are hostels as well where you just pay for a bed and they are usually cheap.
  • Food is another major expense that requires good amount of money. Eat only when you are hungry. Take energy bars along with you to curb your hunger on the go. Look for eateries that are cheap and offer good food. Street foods are often easier to find and cheaper. Fruits are another way to save money. Buy fruits for a day or two so that you don’t have to spend huge amounts.


When you are travelling for long term, you obviously are aiming to cover as much ground as possible. Every city is different in terms of weather and terrain. Hence, you need to be prepared so that you don’t have to buy new clothes during your trip.

  • Make sure you pack light. Don’t pack clothes that you assume may be used. Pack according to your travel style.
  • Pack some extras because when you travel for months, you tend to lose stuff or your clothes rip apart, since you would be wearing them quite frequently. But use those extras only when you actually need them
  • Keep some fine clothes as well. There will be times when you would like to treat yourself with luxury. Your regular clothes won’t be suitable for such opportunities.

Other Preparations

After figuring the basics of travel, there are other things as well that would require your attention.

  • If you are in a rented accommodation, either free-up or have someone in need stay at your home and pay for the expenses. This way, you won’t have to look out for new place to stay when you come.
  • Keep some extra money in your accounts, just in case you need the extra cash
  • Keep a separate budget for activities and sightseeing
  • If a possibility, look for opportunities to work from home to make money on the go. This way you won’t have to stress too much money
  • Pay all your bills before leaving so that it you don’t become a defaulter when you come back

Funding the Trip

This is the biggest challenge most of the people face while planning a long term trip. If you are planning a way long trip, your savings might not be enough. For such cases, you can try instant personal loans for travel. However, you need to ensure that you don’t default on any payments during your trip. If you are using your credit card, make sure you make timely payments, so that you can get travel loan when you require emergency cash.

To sum it up, long term travel can be tedious and exhausting when it comes to planning. But it also brings a lot of excitement, new adventures and memories of a lifetime.

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