Automated External Defibrillator

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) : the best Life-saving Medical Equipment

In today’s advanced world of science and technology, different medicaltypes of equipment are available for the patients to resolve their health issues. It is amazing to see that now a day’speople can resolve theirproblems on their own through proper trainingabout the functioning of different types ofmedical devices.

It is essential that people should develop the basic understanding that how they can effectively use medical appliancesto improve their health standards of life. An Automated External Defibrillator is a lifesaving medical equipment that is used when a person experiences sudden cardiac arrest.

This device is now used in different public and workplaces to ensure the safety of cardiac patients. The basic function of AED is to monitor the person’s heart rate and an electric shock can also be given through this deviceto make the rhythm of patient’s heart normal.

Health sectors of different countries have also realized the significance of AED and they are taking strong measures to make the best use of this device in different organizations. The cardiac attacks are common in Singapore and probability of the survival was very low for patients.

Due to the efforts of Singaporean government, AED in Singapore is nowplaying an important role toprevent heart attacks. AED’s are designed in such way that it uses voice prompts, lights and messages in the form of text to inform the savior that what step is needed to be taken.

AED can be utilized in different places including schools, sports arenas, gyms, and in office buildings. This gadget can help different institutions to implement strong safety measures for their staff members.

AED Singapore holds special importance in saving the life of people in Singapore because after facing a huge number of deaths due to sudden cardiac attacks, this machine has now become the permanent part of the lives of Singaporean people.

There are different advantages of this medical machine because it provides assistance everywhere to the people. By carrying it to every place people can manage to stabilize the condition of a patient if a heart attack occurs.

Importance of AED in People’s Lives:

The significance of AED is huge in people’s lives because it acts as the life savior for the people. The sudden cardiac arrest is known as the leading cause of death among adults and elderly people all over the world.

The survival rate from the cardiac arrest is very low around the globe and only 10% of people survive.Therefore the importance of AED increases more in saving the lives of people in the situation when there is no medical assistance is available for the people.

AED’s plays a major role to enhance the survival rate of the people from sudden heart strokes. The users of this device should know that to use it effectively it is vital to utilize it earlier because its early utilization ensures the better chances of survival.

The importance of AED can be understood by analyzing the number of deaths due to heart attacks when this appliance was not available for the people. This tool has saved lots of lives and it has played a key role to make the life of cardiac patients more comfortable.

The mechanism of this medical gear is unique because it is amazing the way it sends electric shocks to the heart to restore itsoriginalrhythm.AED in all workplaces can become a useful life-saving product and it can be used before the arrival of emergency medical services.

Advantages for Employers and Employees in Workplaces:

AED in the workplace can uplift the profile of the company and it displays that the employer is taking steps to protect employees. AEDs are becoming more common in different public places and it is expected that large companies will have access to an AED in future.

It is important that Employers should provide basic training to their staff members about the operations and functioning of AED in orderto make the proficient use of this device.

The biggest advantage of this appliance is that it can help to make the condition of an employee stable in less time. Time is an important factor in the treatment of an employee of employers because if services of the ambulance are availed then chances are very low for the survival of the patient.


AED is the device that is easy and flexible to carry everywhere, therefore, everyone can avail this facility. People should also create awareness among about this medical appliance to make the best use of this device by avoiding sudden cardiac strokes.




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