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8 Amazing Bartending and Cocktail Bar Service Ideas for Your Events

Planning for a special event takes a lot of care and attention. Be it a wedding or a big corporate event, you have to think through the tiniest of details to make sure the event is a success.

As the event host, you want your guests to enjoy themselves during the event, and also to remember the experience long after it’s over.

Event catering plays a huge part here. No event can be successful with hungry guests, and creative catering resolves this issue. When thought is put into the menu, your guests are sure to notice. And when it comes to beverages, a great bar service is a must have. With a high quality bartending service, your guests will be rewarded with an enjoyable time.

In addition to being drink stations, cocktail bars at work events could serve more purposes. For example they are useful networking spaces, and also they provide an extra opportunity to entertain your guests.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of amazing cocktail bar and bar-tending ideas you could use for your next big event.

Smart Bars

A smart bar or mobile bar is a great option for events that are hosted at large venues where the layout needs to change throughout the day. The bar can be easily moved around and customized according to event needs.

Previously, these smart bars were created using cars or trucks, which were specifically configured to serve as bars. Although these are still available, you can now go with other alternatives such as portable decks and counters. These are available in various shapes and designs to fit your setting and space.

Branded Bars

These are best suited for business and trade events. The bars can designed as per the brand logo or theme of your company which will really make you stand out, for example, at a hosted corporate event. It can also be a great sponsorship opportunity.

For a greater impact, the cocktail drinks on the menu could be named after your signature brands – a great idea for brand promotion. Wouldn’t you like to hear your brand names at every corner of the party?

LED Cocktail Bars

Adding light into your bar can add a colorful vibe to your evening events. Interesting effects, patterns and designs can be created with multiple colors and they can be changed periodically to create different themes and tones. They can also be used to back-light signage and create a shadow effect on the venue floor.

You can also make the light sync with background music to create an immersive experience. Moreover, light-up bars can set the mood for your guests. For example, pale blue light creates a calming, tranquil environment for people coming to visit the bar. More intense bright lights can turn up the mood of the party and pair well with dance music and a high energy presentation.

A Mixology Battle

To keep things fun and interesting at your event, you can go for a bartender face off (mix-off).  Have two expert mixologists face off in an epic mixology battle. The battle can be structured in rounds, with each round featuring increasingly difficult cocktails.

Your guest will enjoy the whole experience, choosing a favorite mixologist and cheering for them. It’s a good way to engage the crowd and to keep the event exciting.

French Tower

Bartenders can create unique towers or displays with the drinks such as a traditional French tower. It will add a touch of luxury to your event caterers in San Diego and amuse your guests.

The trick is having a very sturdy platform for the glasses to sit on, so that there’s little risk of the drinks falling over while pulling off this stunning effect.

Mobile Bartenders

Ever heard of a walking, talking bar? This is a new, quirky twist on bar services. With the use of unique outfits, you can transform bartenders and the event staff into bars themselves.

When done right and with seasoned professionals, it can be a unique add-on to your event. The outfits can hold more drinks than a traditional tray and minimize spillage.

In addition, the bartenders can offer an interactive experience to the attendees. Your guests can get photos taken with them, to remember the experience.

Bath Bars

You can have a vintage style bath tub placed at your venue filled with ice and cold water and arrange your drinks in it. This is also a good idea if you’re hosting an event where the bar service is more casual.

This way there will be a variety of drinks available and guests can pick and choose from the tub during the event.  You can still have a bartender preside over the display, helping guests and filling more complex drink orders.

Make Your Own Combination

When hosting a grand scale event, you can choose more than one option for your bar. A larger, central bar can be present at one location while you have smaller mobile bars with wine and champagne being served at various locations. Additionally, you can have bartenders refill drinks at the tables.

The Final Word

Amazing catering makes an event unique and memorable. Along with this, drinks can also make a big contribution to the success of your event. So which of these bar ideas are you planning to use to bring life to your events?

No matter which one you go for, you will need a top class bar service provider to work with you to create an innovative bar at your event.

Personal Touch Dining will help you host extraordinary events. From high quality event catering to exceptional bar service, we will help you plan and execute memorable events. This is true whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, grad night, prom, or picnic.

Our wide range of customization options and attention to details will help you add a ‘personal touch’ to make your events stand out. From full service packages to a-la-carte options, we give you the best value by bringing in great ideas tailored to your needs and within your budget.

Author Bio:

Lauren is Sales Manager at Personal Touch Dining, an award-winning wedding catering company that provides all supplies all levels of event Bar Service in San Diego. The Personal Touch Dining team has gained widespread recognition for their creative and diverse menus, with seasonal ingredients for every occasion. Lauren enjoys blogging about tips and trends in the wedding and event industries and sharing ideas and tips with those planning for an upcoming event.

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