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7 Unique and Useful Travel Gifts for RV Owners

Gift giving can be a challenge when you do not know what to buy the RV enthusiast in your life. Whether it’s your husband, your dad, your aunt, or another RV lover, thinking of the perfect present can be hard and leave you frustrated. If you’re not sure what to get the RV owner in your life and you want something a little more personal than money, think about one of these gifts!

Tire Changing Ramp

While there’s a very good chance that the RV already has jacks, changing a tire on an RV can be quite the task. Especially if it means having to empty cargo to lighten the load. Using the tire changing ramp means no need for a jack or emptying out cargo. There’s a 15,000-pound limit which means it can handle most RVs! This is a great choice for the RV owner who handles their own maintenance and repairs.

Compact Fitness Gear

Being on the road can lead to some serious laziness. Sometimes you just need to get out of the RV and stretch and exercise a little bit.Specialized gear for hikers, bikers or kayakers are often well-used and much appreciated gifts. Having a resistance band kit, small hand-held weights or a yoga mat will help your RVer feel more in shape during long road-trips in any sized space.

Travel Guide or Journal

If the receiver of the gift is a book lover, consider a travel guide to one of their next destinations or a book of bucket list RV trips or even hikes in an area they camp often. For budding writers or the sentimental RV owner, consider a travel journal. It’s a great way to take notes of their trips, who they traveled with, where they went, what they did, and more. They can add pictures taken and look back on the fond memories years later. For a unique take on this idea, you can collect images they have shared with you from previous RV trips andmake a photo book memento for a really personal gift.

Yeti Insulated Colster

When you’re on the road for long periods of time, what’s the number one thing you always have to have?  Snacks and drinks! Unfortunately for the driver, they don’t get to hang out in the living room of the RV and crack open a cold one. That’s where the Yeti comes in. The insulated colster keeps drinks cold for hours so they can enjoy a cold drink while they drive or out and about enjoying the scenery.

Portable Cooler

Packing food is an essential part of the camping experience, whether it is for an all-day hike or a leisurely picnic. A portable cooler will allow your RVer to pack up any treats they want to take with them while they explore the great outdoors. It’s great for camping overnight or for heading to the lake. Another option is an electric cooler that can be plugged in to keep food warm or cold. These are great for on the road snacks and for the next pot-luck meal or big family gathering.

Portable Games and Outdoor Activities

If you know your loved one takes road trips with the kids, there is no such thing as too many games and activities to keep everyone having a good time. While board games keep are great for rainy days, there’s something to be said about playing games outdoors and getting a little physical. Portable games like bocce ball, horseshoes or corn hole allow the RV owner in your life to set up the game wherever they please. Other outdoor equipment can be personalized to the interest and hobbies of the gift recipient. Whether it’s just the family or they make some friends at the campsite, everyone is always looking for new outdoor activities for their RV trip.

Memory Foam RV Mattress

Let’s be honest, RV beds aren’t always the most comfortable things. The mattress is usually inferior quality and can be hard and lumpy. No one wants to deal with grouchy family and friends because they didn’t sleep well. Using memory foam RV mattresses will ensure that everyone gets a good night’s rest, so they can enjoy their vacation!

When you think about gift giving for the RV owner in your life, focus on fun, food and comfort and you cannot go wrong. Choose one of the above gift ideas that best fit the person you are looking to buy for. When in doubt, gift cards for fuel, a travel kit or a gift basket of on the go snacks can be a great way to give a gift that you know will be appreciated.



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