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7 Best food & Liquor combos for Holiday Parties

Holidays are exciting times to enjoy a variety of food and experiment with great liquor and food pairings. With family and friend gatherings scheduled to happen, the fun cooking experiments you would like to try can become slightly more ecstatic, when paired with the right drinks. So this time when you send out your birthday invite or other party invites, make sure you send an enticing menu of the best food and alcohol pairing that will have your home brimming with guests making it a merrier holiday.

The Reds

As a food and wine lover it is close to impossible to find a match close to a delicious glass of red wine with a slice of well-cooked red meat. This is a match made in heaven that renders a strong string of flavors and aroma that is enticing. Dishes such as beef, lamb etc, taste amazing when paired with red wine. A good choice of red would be Merlot, Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon. Low tannin makes this a good choice as it offsets the fat and the protein from the meat. Red wine will also help with consuming a heavy meal such as Red meat and make it easier on your stomach.

Beer with Salt and Sweet

A little bit of salty and sweet is a deadly combination to enjoy a lovely meal any day. The best choice of drink to pair with salty pretzels, fries etc is a tall glass of beer as this helps elevate the hints of flavors in the dish and balance the salt. A glass of beer can also go a great way when paired with sweet dishes such as a cheesecake pot and offer a unique and contrast blend of flavors to enjoy. A beer with some finger snack or dessert is a great pairing idea to try.

Scotch and Duck

Matching fat with a heavy drink can make a great pair to enjoy. This might sound like matching fire with fire but this is a combo that is simply perfect. Duck is among the fattiest food and matching this meat with some peated scotch can be amazing. A well-cooked meal of duck with a side of seasonal vegetables when paired with a bottle of Glenfiddich, Woodford Reserve or Laphroaig can be a perfect choice of meal for an elegant dinner date. The war of flavors with a hint of sweet, smokey, herby, when paired with a softly textured glass of drink, is quite a feast.

Vodka with Fish and Cheese

When wine and food combinations seem too monotonous a little bit of Vodka can be a good choice. A chilled glass of Russian vodka served with a side of caviar low on calories is outstanding. A thin slice of salmon smoked to perfection with a strong shot of vodka is yet another food combo with a side of sour cream and capers. This drink can also be paired with meals brimming with cheese so the right drink choice to pair with your nibbles could be some angry orchard hard cider.

Whiskey or Bourbon with Grilled Steak and Smoked oysters

The powerful flavors of a bottle of Dalmore or bourbon is a good choice of drink to enjoy with some grilled steak. Medium bodied whiskey is enriched with deep flavors of spices and smoked meat. You can create this pairing with meatloaf too. Similarly, smoked oysters with a creamy texture and balance of spices also taste great when combined with a neat glass of whiskey. You can also try a combo of dark chocolate or dry fruits based desserts with simple whiskey cocktails that will create an unmatchable meal.

Prosecco with Sweet Dishes

Dessert wines are usually the hardest to decide on and balancing the rush of sugar with a light body drink would be amazing. That is when a classy Italian bubbly such as prosecco can come in handy. Try pairing some dry prosecco with sweet dishes to balance the flavors. Dishes such as sponge cakes, Italian style biscuits, macaroons, popcorn, jelly cream pair with the texture and flavors from Prosecco and it is a refreshing combination. Tesco Prosecco can also be a great choice of drink to pair with cocktail sandwiches, frittatas, simple sushi rolls, and dumpling takeaways. You can also substitute with a glass of Champagne that also pairs well with desserts. If not wines and champagnes, then you can pair up a Syntha – 6 milkshake with sweet dishes to make it a healthy combination for your fitness freak guests.

Tequila and Tacos

A gracefully aged bottle of tequila with its complex envelope of flavors can bind well with the cherishing taste of crispy tacos. Also, meats glazed with a lovely choice of sauce perfectly crafted to match the fire of tequila is yet another food pairing you can try. Keeping the spices to a balance in the meal will make sure the experience of enjoying this food pairing is comfortable. You can also try Porcini Ragout as this is a lovely food and liquor combo.

These food and alcohol pairings are matched in heaven and can make any meal easily the best to rejoice.

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