31 Healthy Morning Routine Ideas in 2021

You must start your day with a vision and a mission. That’s a critical skill to elevate your personal development by setting a positive tone right at the start of the day. 

Your morning routine will have a rippling effect over your entire day. So., you need to set a routine that fits naturally to your lifestyle and makes you feel good. 

So, while setting up a morning routine, you need to decide what makes you feel good and what’s healthy. 

Here are 31 healthy morning routine ideas in 2021 that you need to follow to make your day easier and more productive. 

  1. Schedule Your Day a Night Ahead

Before you go to sleep at the end of the day, remind yourself of the first thing to do when you wake up the next day. Be it sending a mail or wishing your loved ones on their joyous occasion. 

2. Have a Hot Water Lemonade

A hot water lemonade will stir up your digestive system and help you flush down the toxins. Moreover, it is also a great source of Vitamin-C which makes it a perfect early morning hot beverage. You can also add some green tea in it if you need caffeine to start your day.

3. Check The Weather Forecast for the Day

Be it sunny or stormy, make sure that you have checked the weather forecast to plan your day. 

4. Wish Your Loved Ones

It just takes a few seconds to wish someone and express your gratitude towards them. This small gesture right at the start of your day will make everyone’s mood lighter and better. 

5. Declutter Your Desk

Nothing beats productivity than a cluttered desk. Remove the loose papers, stack them in a file, and organize your desktop.

6. Read the Newspaper

With so many events happening around every day, you should stay updated with the current scenario around the world. 

7. Workout for 30 Minutes

Your body needs daily workout, at least 5 times a week. Sparring the weekends, make sure you work out for at least 30 minutes every day to revitalize your organs. Start with stretching, breathing exercise, a little muscle building, and end it with a 5 minutes meditation session. 

8. Have a Healthy Breakfast

Fill your breakfast platter with proteins, vitamins, and fiber. This will fuel up the lost energy and keep you energized for the rest of the day.

9. Take Daily Vitamins

We cannot have all the daily nutrients through food in our daily hectic schedule. So, it’s a good alternative to fill up the deficiency. 

10. Bask In Some Sunlight

Sunlight is the best natural source for Vitamin-d and also helps your skin, but make sure you have applied your SPF before you go for a sun bath.

11. Make a List of “MIT” for the Day

MIT stands for Most Important Tasks. Start with the most difficult tasks to make the rest of your day easier.

12. Track Your Expenses from the Previous Day

 A good way to save up money is to track your expenses. Not only will you know how much you have spent, it will also help you to cut down on unnecessary expenses.

13. Invest a Small Amount 

Invest a small amount in some bonds, stocks, or anything. In the long run, this will turn out to be a big amount. 

14. Break Down Your Projects into Fragments

Break down your daily tasks into priority, and importance. This will help you to keep a track of your projects and make your day productive.

15. Make a Connection

Find a new connection, be it for business or leisure. It’s always good to know someone new. 

16. Redefine Your Goals

Go through your goals for the week and track how much you have achieved. 

17. Read a Few Personal Finance Blog 

To grow, you need to learn. Read a few financial blogs and curate ideas for investments. 

18. Find Some Coupons

There are so many sites selling coupons. Though most of them aren’t authentic, some are and it’s a good way to save a few bucks. 

19. Go Through Your Local Buy/Sell Sites

No matter what it is, buying something new makes us feel happy. And you never know when someone is throwing away something valuable that they aren’t aware of. 

20. Take a Cold Shower

Take a deep cold shower to fire up your nerves and organs. It will also heighten your alertness and increase metabolism. 

21. Learn a New Skill

There are so many skills in this world and one lifetime is never enough to learn them all. Learn one new skill every day to make your life easier. 

22. Learn a New Word

Open up the dictionary, learn a new word. It’s a clever way to build up a strong vocabulary, with one step a day. 

23. Watch a Short Ted Talk

Ted Talk is filled with motivational speeches and ideas. Watch a short clip to get your daily dose of motivation

24. Review Your Weekly To-do List

If you have planned your week, it’s better to review them every day to see if the list is worth it and how much you have achieved. 

25. Review Your Bucket List

We all have a secret bucket list. Check your bucket list from time to time to review your plans and ideas. 

26. Help Someone

Nothing beats the satisfaction of helping someone, regardless of how you helped. Make sure you are helping someone every day, be it human or animals. 

27. Organize Your Refrigerator

Go through your refrigerator before you go out for groceries. This will help you to keep a check on your stock and avoid buying things you don’t need.

28. Make an Antioxidant Rich Smoothie To-Go 

Berries, a little green, nuts, and Greek yogurt. Blend them all together in a blender and take your smoothie on the go. 

29. Practice Gratitude 

Maintain a gratitude journal. Be thankful for what you have and what you have achieved till date. It’s a positive way to start your day. 

30. Learn To Cook A New Dish

There are so many cultures and so many dishes around the world. Learn to cook something new. It’s a great way to change your taste and learn something new. 

31. Find a Time Saving Eatery when eating outside

The market is flooded with information.. There are even wireless waiter calling systems which you can use every time you visit a busy eatery to cut down time consumption. You just have to know which restaurant uses this technology and you can save your time by using it.

Final Takeaway

Life is hard, but we make it harder. Just a little planning will help you to make your day more easier and productive. So, make sure that you are following the 31 tips to make your life easier.   

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