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10 Tourist Attractions In Sikkim That Must Figure In Your Itinerary

Sikkim is a blessed topography of the Himalayas in the Indian region. It is in Northeast India. It has the international boundary with Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet. It boasts nature, mountain lakes, alpine forest, high altitude mountain peaks, and forest cover. It is an all-season tourist place in India. It is a tourist-friendly place.

You must check your holiday package for Sikkim includes the below-mentioned ten attractions to see.

Changu Lake

This is a glacial lake, which you must visit on the Gangtok to Nathula Highway. It is near to China Border on the Southeast of Sikkim. It is a high-altitude (12,313 ft) lake in Sikkim, which changes its watercolor according to the seasons. It is advisable to visit in the summer season to see some water on this lake. This lake is snow-fed in the winter season.

Goecha La

It is a scenic Himalayan Mountain pass, which is at an altitude of 16,207-ft above the mean sea level. Mt. Kanchenjunga Peak is visible from the pass. Yet, you can see all those major 12 Mountain Peaks of the northeast, which are above 5,000-ft to 28,168-ft elevation. You can admire the Mighty Himalayas from this scenic pass and take photos and videos. You will feel you are walking on the heavens with mountain mists.

Gurudongmar Lake

This is the world’s highest high-altitude lake on the Himalayas, which is 17,800-ft above the mean sea level in Sikkim. It is a pilgrimage site for the Buddhist people from across the globe. It has many legends and since the Vedic era. You must add this lake in Himalayan Tour in your itinerary for its scenic surroundings.

Khangchendzonga National Park

This is a bio-reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which you must visit once in Sikkim tour. There are Lepcha tribes in this area, who are friendly people to guide you. This is a high-altitude National Park, where you can see the 3rd Highest Mountain Peak (Mt. Kanchenjunga) of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges. Forest safari and trekking are the popular activity to do in this forest.

Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple

It is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has legends from Mahabharata. This temple is located at a scenic location with the river, forest, and mountainous surroundings. The best time to visit here is on its festive season from November to March. You can find a few other temples on this location. This is a pilgrim place for the Shavik people of the Hindus.

Mount Pandim

This is a high-altitude mountain, which is 21,952-ft above the mean sea level. It is popular for its Dzongri to Goecha La trekking route and Prek Chu valley trekking trails. The people interested in mountaineering can start climbing this mountain from its base camp located at Lamune. This is a majestic peak with less difficulty to ascend and descend. People with breathing difficulties are not advised to visit this peak.


This is a unique Himalayan Mountain Peak with many small comical rolling hills towards its peak. It is the tallest mountain peak with an elevation of 22,598-ft above the mean sea level. Its top peak is visible from Zemu Glacier. This is a picturesque place to take photos with snow-clad mountains. You must carry trekking stick, winter clothing, and boots to see this attraction.

Temi Tea Garden

This is the tea garden area, which you must visit in your Sikkim Trip. It is an evergreen place to take photos with mountain mists and clouds. You can stay in tea resorts with a Mountain View room. This is the best location for the honeymoon goers to spend their privacy. You can taste the garden-fresh tea, which has special aroma and taste.

Yumthang Valley

Once you reach Yumthang, you will say it is the valley of flowers. You will be enchanted to see the natural landscape with different colors of orchids, flowers, and meadows. You must visit in the summer season to see this valley with colorful blossoms. However, it is snow-fed in the winter season due to its altitude of 11,693-ft on the Himalayas.

Zemu Glacier

This is a mountainous topographic point to see the origin of Teesta River in Sikkim. It is a vast glacier, which is ice-covered during the winter seasons. You can view the Kanchenjunga Mountain Peak from this glacier. It is a scenic place to take postcard size photos.

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