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10 Last Minutes Fun Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

We all are busy with our daily life. Between, we do not recall expressing our feelings towards someone we are in love with. And when you forget Valentine’s Day, then there’s always us who will help you out even in the most critical situation. Ditch the usual and try out our amazing fun date ideas with your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Indoor Picnic

Valentine’s Day happens to fall in February since there will snow on the ground you can always have an indoor picnic and cosy up next to the fireplace. You can always spread out a blanket and have a romantic indoor picnic. All you need is to make your favourite sandwiches and Piri Piri fries yum! And pack them up in the basket. Also, don’t forget to grab a bottle of wine or beer. Along with this, you can play some romantic music in the background. It’s all fun especially when there are no bugs crawling on your food.

Sweet Treat

If you are that couple who is always ready to indulge themselves for a sweet treat then this idea is the best for you. Pick up any sweet of you and your partner’s favourite one and make it yourself. And when stuck between there’s always the internet to lend help. Or if you are too lazy to make something then with valentine’s day chocolate delivery you get it at your place. Even head to restaurants and order ONLY sweets. A perfect way of ending your Valentine’s Day with fun.

Spa Night

A killer idea after a hectic day is Spa night to build intimacy in your relationship. Grab all the ingredients from the kitchen and make DIY masks and scrubs using YouTube and bring out your trimming kit, manicure, and pedicure set. You can also watch some rom-com movies while we let the masks dry on your face. For a romantic touch, you can light fragrant candles in 10minuteideas.

Arcade Games

If there’s one thing we have always enjoyed since childhood then Arcade games. This Valentine’s Day relieve all your memories together by playing arcade games. You can visit any hub or any old school game centre and might even win a gift, offer it to your Valentine or later send valentine’s day gifts for him as amazement. The moment when he reaches home to see a gift, he will be delighted.

Netflix Dinner

Netflix is our ultimate savior when we are running out of ideas followed by a quick dinner. Order cheeseburgers, Chinese food or anything you love. And cuddle up under piles of blankets. It’s a total entertaining date with your significant other.

Game Night

Planning a romantic day within last few minutes can be very very stressful especially when you have started dating. How does game night sound? Well, it definitely sounds awesome. You can pick your Valentine and give a surprise by going to a game centre where you will find loads of game. I am sure s/he will be bouncing with joy and laughter. At the end of the night, you can use your tickets and get gifts for your girlfriend/boyfriend. Also, don’t forget to drop them home.

Snow Date

Snow can be a problem if you are planning to go work. But you can turn it into an opportunity of making an enjoyable snow date. If the weather is cold and there’s a snowfall outside then channel your inner Elsa and head outside to play. You can make a snowman or make small balls of snow and throw on each other. Once you are done with playing have a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle closer to feel warm.

Play Board Games

February is a month where the atmosphere keeps on changing which leaves us confusing what to do? Hence, the best way is to stay inside your home in your own comfortable clothes, delicious food and play board games. Remember in childhood you used to play snakes and ladder, ludo, scrabble, monopoly and so many other games. Well take that out from the cupboard and start playing. A great way to laugh and spend Valentine’s Day.

Paint Together

Even if you both are pretty awful in painting or drawing, you can still make it with DIY and give it to each other. There are only two end results either it will be very good or bad. But, you sure are bound to have fun with a memorable night.


The fascination towards stars and planet has always attracted to me and so are you. I know it’s nothing more romantic than laying out a blanket and star gazing. But that is not possible during winter. Therefore go to a planetarium for the night view and enjoy at peak with your sweetheart.

When the two of you happen to be fun partners, it makes your relationship full of excitement and thrill. As you and your lover get pleasure in trying out different things. The above ideas certainly help you for last minute planning of an ideal date with your partner and your love will keep on blossoming.

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